We have most likely all heard of the term ‘waking up on the wrong side of the bed’ and how much it can put a negative impact on the rest of our day.

It’s all well and good understanding that, but how can we ensure that we have the best shot at having a good morning (thus having a good day), and where does mindfulness come into it?

Mindfulness means that we are aware of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. To be aware means we have to step outside of ourselves for a moment and observe ourselves and how we feel. It’s easy to know when we don’t feel good, but the next step is to know why.

By knowing why we aren’t feeling good, takes us out of the reactive state of the emotion and into the more loving and peaceful state towards ourselves and others.

Here is a practical example to explain this further;

We wake up on the wrong side of the bed because we didn’t get enough sleep due to the hot weather.

Our mood is a little irritable and grumpy.

As we head into work we are stuck in traffic. That grumpy feeling amplifies the thoughts about how much we hate the traffic, then how much we hate work, then how much we hate our co-worker, then how much how boss doesn’t value us. We then remember how we didn’t get that promotion that we went for 2 years ago and then we think about the extra work that has been given to us. All amplified and associated now with our grumpy attitude and the emotions of anger and hurt.

Getting to work, your drag your feet in and barely say hi to your coworkers and friends. You bring into the workplace a general negative vibe and see your workday through with these negative lenses. You co-workers and customers are not aware of why you are grumpy and may take your shortness personally, leading them to be feeling hurt and angry too.

Let’s backtrack for a moment…

We were only actually grumpy because we were tired. We have forgotten about all the things that we are grateful for and love about our job!

This is why the morning is so important. Let’s rewind that morning back to first waking up!

Tune into alternate, more mindful reality…

When we woke up, we realised and are aware that based on how we are feeling physically that we did not have enough sleep. We acknowledge that in the past it had made you a little grumpy and you decide that even though you are tired you don’t want to it affect your mood too much.

You sit up, take a few deep breaths and maybe remember a time when you were on holidays and jet lagged – but did not let it stop you from having a positive outlook on the day.

You remind yourself to be gentle with yourself and nurturing that day. You decide to allow yourself buy that Iced coffee, which is only in your budget for the weekends.

You take another deep breath into your belly and ask that you be mindful of not focusing only on the negative during the day. You give yourself to have a 5 minute power nap in the car at lunch. Now you have a few positive things to look forward too.

You remind yourself to be kind to the best of your ability and that if you are accidently short with anyone that you will tell them that you are sorry and explain why, so they don’t take it personally.

This is just one example of how you can be more mindful in the morning to create a better day and experience for yourself and others around you.

If you would like a bit of extra help, save our guided morning meditation and play it before getting out of bed.


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