Mira’s Hand is thrilled to have partnered with the Peninsula Hot Springs and developed Australia’s most authentic Moroccan Hammam ritual utilising our exclusive range of Hammam spa products.

This ancient moroccan multistage bathing ritual dates back to 7th century. The word Hammam translates from Arabic as ‘spreader of warmth’ and signifies the place where one came to socialise and re-invigorate one’s body and mind.

The ritual incorporates hot steam hydrotherapy with Moroccan treatments that provide numerous health benefits for the mind and body. It helps to deeply cleanse the skin and boost circulation while relaxing muscles and relieving tension. It is the perfect all over treatment for detoxifying, revitalising and renewing the body’s natural state.

The Moroccan Hammam Ritual starts in the hammam chamber. Moroccan Savon Noir is applied, followed by a full body exfoliation with a traditional Moroccan glove ‘a Kiss’. Your body is then enveloped in Rhassoul Clay and pure rose water from the Atlas Mountains. The last step in the ritual is applying pure organic argan oil to the face, hands and hair.

As Australasia’s only Moroccan Hammam spa specialist and founder of Mira’s Hand, Jamila El Maroudi specialises in consulting on spa treatments and product training based on her intimate knowledge of the cultural heritage, traditions and authentic beauty rituals of Morocco.

When I first arrived to Australia in 2006 I was surprised to see that there was nowhere I could go for my weekly Hammam Spa ritual. I decided to create my own Moroccan Hammam at Home ritual in the privacy of my own bathroom and arranged for family and friends to send me my Moroccan beauty products.

I loved sharing my beauty regimen and recipes with my new Australian friends and family. After experiencing increasing demand for my products from my family, friends and colleagues, I decided to develop and share my authentic Moroccan Hammam Spa products with the wider community and partner with spas.

At Miraʼs Hand we believe in beauty sharing, not beauty secrets. Our mission is to inform and educate modern society on the proven benefits and traditional learnings that a traditional skin care regime can provide.

In sourcing these products and ingredients directly from women’s co-operatives in the southwest region of Morocco, we seek to directly support Moroccan women and the preservation of their craft and culture with educational and self-developmental opportunities to improve their quality of life and their children’s future.


For more information on Miraʼs Hand Hammam Spa Collection contact Jamila El Maroudi – Director: [email protected] phone: 03 9482 3361 or 0466112456

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