When you arrive at that point in your life where you’ve had enough.

You’re fed up with the way you look, you feel miserable every time you look in the mirror, you know it is time for CHANGE.

What initially drives that desire for change is a motivation – a motivation for something different.

When it comes to dropping the excess weight, there usually are two types of motivational drivers.

  • You’re motivated to change because you can’t stand where you are; you no longer want to be this person and as I said, you’re not particularly happy when you look in the mirror… This type of motivation pushes you away from where you are currently.
  • You’re motivated to change, as you know when you’re a healthier version of yourself, then your life will be so much better. You’ll have more energy, you wont get sick, you’ll wear the clothes you want to wear, you’ll like whom you see in the mirror.

This type of motivation is pulling you towards something.

See the difference?

One pushes you away from where you are and the other pulls you closer to where you want to be.

The thing to not here is, motivation will only get you so far. These types of motivation (and often it’s a combination of both) will be the initial driving force, but over time it fades.

Think of your motivation as a battery, with all the decisions you make on a daily basis it starts to drain and eventually your motivation feels depleted.

So what do you do?

When weight loss is your goal, having the right mindset is I believe the most important thing.

What is mindset?

Simply, it is a way of thinking.

Your mindset is your set of ideas and attitudes that shape the way you think about you and the world around you.

The mindset you have governs the way you behave on a daily basis; it determines how you view things and your outlook on life. Mindset also defines your attitude – to people, situations events…everything going on around you.

With out the right mindset you will attempt to do the right thing, eat real food, move your body more, go to bed earlier and find ways to de-stress, for maybe one, two, three or four weeks, but eventually that motivational battery will run dry.

Your mindset actually influences your motivation. You may have heard of the two different types of mindset

1) Growth/positive mindset

2) Fixed/negative mindset.

Someone with a growth/positive mindset – is often referred to as having a glass half full…Always looking on the bright side of life… They

  • Always opens to learn and discover new things
  • Understand intelligence can be developed
  • Wants to do the work to always make self-improvements
  • Understand that failure provides feedback to learn how to do it differently
  • Embrace challenge
  • Motivated to do the work to create positive change.

And at the other end of the spectrum you’ll find someone who believes their glass is always half empty- a fixed or negative mindset? They

  • Can’t find the positive in their lives
  • Always think from a negative point of view.
  • Don’t believe they are capable of expansion and change
  • Often don’t start something for fear of failure
  • Box themselves into being a specific ‘type’
  • Constant negative self-talk…can’t… won’t… don’t…!

Having a fixed mindset weakens your motivation. When you struggle to meet what you set out to achieve, you end up making that mean something about you. You know those incessant negative thoughts that circle around in your head?

  • I always fail
  • I can never lose weight
  • This is the size I’m meant to be etc etc etc!

Take some time and ask yourself the question – what type of mindset do I have? Where do you sit on the spectrum? Can you improve?

The good news is your mindset is not fixed. It’s actually open and welcomes change and you have the complete power to make those changes.

The way you think + the way you focus + how you act will bring you the results you want.

Remember it’s your choice.

Caroline Silk

I’m a nutritionist and I know diets don’t work! I also know I can tell you what to eat and how to move your body but if your head isn’t in the right place we won’t get the results you truly desire.
Releasing your weight is about the whole of you – your mind and body. The way you think and how you feel plays an integral role in your relationship with food.
I am a Mindset Nutritionist. Together we’ll identify and change unwanted associations, thought processes, mindset, habits, cravings, negative emotions linked to food, eating and your body image.
My mission’s to educate, encourage and empower you, so look, feel and be amazing.

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