When people ask me the “secret” to losing weight, like there is one miracle formula that will change their life forever, I usually reply with a smirk on my face… Simply love what you do.

The initial reaction is usually surprise, as people expect something much more scientific and detailed, however you need to remember that fitness, weight loss and healthy eating are a journey, not a destination. So buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

In a billion dollar industry filled with mixed messages, more fake tan than your local beauty salon, and social media platforms filled with creative clickbait like… Eat this, not that, The only exercise for toned abs, and my personal favourite, If you’re not doing this exercise, you’re wasting time, it’s no wonder the average person is left feeling, confused, disillusioned and deflated. Unfortunately this is mostly geared around selling products, or advertising space, and while there is nothing wrong with selling products, the problem lies with fear-based tactics. Fear of not losing weight, fear of missing out, fear of not being accepted etc. And while fear may sell, its love that will prevail.

The fact is no one program, one food, one exercise, or one supplement will give you long lasting results if you’re not motivated to actually do something on a daily basis. And by doing something I mean choosing healthier foods, moving more, drinking water, and finding ways to increase self love. The reason I emphasise self-love, is that when you love something, you want to take care of it, look out for it and nurture it. So if you took the same approach toward your body, then it would be inevitable for weight loss to be the result of taking care of, looking out for, and nurturing your body. Right?

It all comes down to your why. Why do you do what you do? You can ask that question for many areas for your life, but for today, I ask the question around your fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. Here are a few examples to clarify what I mean, and make sure your goals have positive intentions. If you don’t like who your are, you will never like how you look.

  1. I’m not getting any younger, I really don’t want to be single and alone forever. V’s I’m not getting any younger, I really want to maintain my strength, mobility and energy as I age.
  2. I need to go on a diet, summer is on the way and I don’t feel comfortable in a bikini if I am overweight. V’s I need to eat healthy foods that maximise my energy, summer is on the way and I enjoy swimming and playing outdoor sports with my friends.
  3. I need to go to the gym tomorrow morning, I had pasta for dinner and I need to burn off the calories. V’s I need to go to the gym tomorrow morning, it clears my mind and I start the day on a more positive note.

Achieving goals is not always about discipline, it’s more about motivation or intention. So if you really want to transform your body, firstly you need to transform your thoughts, to transform your actions, and therefore transform your life. On that note, I invite you to reflect and see if this can be applied to your areas of your fitness and wellbeing. If you find it hard to stay motivated, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, then maybe try changing your intention behind your goals, and see how that works for you. Fitness is a feeling, not a look.

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