Bree, thanks for being our gorgeous Summer cover!

I’d love my readers to get to know you a bit better.

Home town: Brisbane

Job title: Model

Favourite part of what you do? Travel

Favourite City: New York

Go-to food when you need nourishment after a grueling week: Vegetables! Broccoli, spinach, celery, carrot and zucchini with lemon, olive oil and a little goats cheese.

Favourite beauty item? Anastasia Brow Gel

Can’t live without? Probably my phone….but I hate that I am saying that!


You’re an international plus size model. How important is body image to you and how you project a healthy image to people in your work?

Bree: The whole idea of labeling models based on a size is getting old. I really want to eliminate the idea that plus size models are lazy and overweight. Most plus size models I know aren’t really that plus size at all. They are in shape, they workout and have incredible curvy bods!

There really is a message that needs to be promoted and accepted. We need to see different shapes and sizes in fashion, not just one. We need to acknowledge our differences and end the cycle of body image issues for the next generation. I really don’t think it should be thought of as one body type vs the other either, there is room for body diversity.

How do you stay healthy? Give us an idea of your diet/exercise regime

Bree: Everything in moderation. I really believe you can live and have fun but stay healthy at the same time. For me, having a regime in the first place is the thing I find the most difficult. I go to a different studio or location everyday so it’s hard to find a routine.

I try to incorporate a few key things no matter where I am – walk as much as possible, drink loads of water and try not to eat much sugar. When I’m on the road, I have little 15 min Youtube workouts saved on my laptop and a skipping rope in my bag. When I’m at home, I just stay as active as possible. I played a lot of sport growing up so I like to mix it up.


You have this amazing blog How did that start?

Bree: I was travelling so much and had all these photos that I wanted to do something fun with. I had just graduated uni so I had extra time on my hands!

I couldn’t find the travel info that I wanted online so I realized there was a bit of a gap in the market. I don’t want to stay in the huge hotel chain but a hostel isn’t going to work either. I stay in so many hotels with modeling that I started to take an interest in cool, unique places to stay when I was planning my own trips.

I run the blog with my boyfriend so everywhere we feature we have actually stayed there and shot it ourselves. The blog does have a big surf focus but we have tried to make sure it caters to non-surfers and couples as well.

Have you always been in love with surf destinations?

Bree: I think so! As a kid I used to dream of going to all these tropical destinations one day. I think the beach is so engrained into Aussie kids that we really love and appreciate it. It wasn’t until I travelled as an adult that I realized how incredible our beaches are in Australia!

Tell me more about your beauty routine. How do you take care of your skin between photo shoots and the surf?

Bree: I am pretty low maintenance but I always wash makeup or sunscreen off in the shower with Demalogica Special Cleansing Gel then moisturize with Clarins Hydra Quench. If I’m in the sun I use sunscreen, especially on face and lips. My lips get seriously cracked if I’m in the sun all day!

What do you like to do in your down time to recharge?

Bree: My boyfriend and I have a van in New York now so we usually try to get out of the city whenever we can. I surf, swim or go for big walks. If I have work to do for the blog, emails or general life admin I take my laptop outside for the day.


Thanks for being part of NBE, Bree we love having you!

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