Make February …A Love Your Body Month!nd

Valentine’s Day celebration doesn’t necessarily mean late nights and belly bloat.

A love your body day can include celebrating a day of beauty at your favorite ‘organic day spa’ with your spouse or partner and enjoying an organic body massage or organic facial.

Purchasing a gym membership for two.

Eating at a restaurant that serves only organic vegan, raw, and gluten-free foods, filling your plate with colors!


Enjoying a night out complete with music and friends. A beautiful quote, I enjoy, from Louis Colaianni said, “Sound speaks to the sensorium; the entire system of nerves that stimulates sensual response.” What could be simpler than hearing beautiful music, thinking happy thoughts, experiencing sensual feelings and sharing loving emotions with someone you love. All these excite our senses, while preventing unnecessary weight gain.

I mention weight gain because, Valentines’ Day is usually celebrated with common foods such as: Milk chocolate, coffee, sugary desserts, and alcohol. Unfortunately in today’s world, sugary foods and caffeine are so prevalent, we forget they contribute to hormone imbalances, leaky gut syndrome, thyroid disorders, skin disorders, obesity, and stress. Emotional stress can bring on long term chronic illnesses, including cancer. The sweet beginnings of acid reflux (GERD) can increase risk for osteoporosis. Additionally, a high sugar diet increases free radial damage and premature aging. Now, that’s the last thing we want to do on ‘National Love Day’ is increase premature aging! Right?

In a downward spiral, if our body lacks certain nutrients from our diet, there can be serotonin deficiency, which in turn can lead to increased belly fat. Serotonin has precedence over digestion, appetite, moods, emotions and cravings.

In the U.S. alone it’s normal to celebrate holidays and birthdays (at least 12 occasions a year) with more than a spoonful of sugar. If you’re like me you probably witnessed boxes of Valentine’s candy on store shelves right after New Year’s Eve. Just in time for your resolutions to get sabotaged.

Unfortunately, poor quality foods can be troublesome to both our gut microbiome and brain function. So it’s not surprising when we experience severe moods swings, depression, and insomnia. Just these three alone can tear relationships apart.

Not getting a good nights sleep is not beneficial for our testosterone or DHEA levels either. This means low libido. Yikes! Happy male and female sex hormones effectively work together and compliment each other for the benefit of a healthy metabolism and libido in both sexes. So it’s important to know what can disrupt this delicate balance of hormones, glands, fat cells, and metabolism, that can take us down the wrong path and fill us with anxiety.

My advice this Valentine’s Day is to start loving your body. Changing your internal environment begins with you. Get to know your body on a deeper more intimate level. Increase positive emotions, intimacy, and health with less sugar and more love. Life is too short not to.

Connie Rogers CHHC

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