With the right products and tools, replicating a true luxury spa treatment at home isn’t as hard as you might think.

Sure, there may not be the 5-star fittings and the extra pair of hands, but the ritual can still leave you feeling relaxed, re-centered and blissed out.

These are my five top tips for a luxury at home facial:

  1. Time!

Of course, sometimes you’re going to have to cleanse, treat and hydrate in record time but ideally you’ve given yourself at least a few hours to indulge and recharge. Better yet, if it can be before you get in your pyjamas after a relaxing night at home with good food, company and perhaps an early night!

  1. Have your favourite skincare products

Start your facial by using your favourite cleanser to double-cleanse your skin. This is especially important if you are wearing makeup, because you’ll take off your make-up during the first cleanse and then any remaining build-up with the second. Washing it away with a warm compress, and move on to your mask. Some of my favourites are The Little Alchemist Cocoa Glow Mask or the Today Is Ours Supergreens Mask. This is a great time to sit back and read or just be still. Rinse and finish with the moisturiser or oil of your choice. I’m loving the combination of the Miskin Skin Boost, Calm Oil and Erica Brooke Daily Dose for winter.

And, don’t forget a bamboo face towel! Dampened in warm water, these are like a hug for your face and sensitive enough to use daily. They gently lift away make-up, sunscreen and dead skin cells while stimulating circulation. Especially useful when you’re giving yourself an at-home facial, these treasures are fantastic for revealing a fresh, bright complexion.

  1. Your body needs love too!

While you are in pamper-mode, don’t forget that your body needs a little TLC as much as your face. If you don’t have a bath tub make use of a body scrub – there’s plenty on the market now but I love Today is Ours scrubs, especially the vanilla almond latte scrub! And, if you are lucky enough to have a bath for long and leisurely soaks, try their Rose Oat Soak which is brilliant for more sensitive skins in the winter months. When you’re done soaking or scrubbing make sure to hydrate with a nourishing balm like Metta’s Body Butter.

  1. Incense or candles and an intention

If creating a warm and indulgent space for a relaxing ritual isn’t reason enough to light a favourite candle or burn your favourite incense, I don’t know what is! I am really enjoying the range from Lemon Canary Candles at the moment. For an extra layer of calm why not finish your ritual by burning a sage smudge stick and let go of anything that is holding you back or no longer serves you.

  1. Your favourite tea ready to brew

While your mask is working its magic, pop the kettle on and get your favourite tea ready to brew to sip once you’re finished to give yourself space to be still and bask in the relaxing atmosphere you have created.

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