It’s the month of February and love is in the air.

At this time of year there is a huge focus on romantic love, (and romantic love is very important). Everywhere you look the images of happy couples, people madly in love, chocolate, flowers its never-ending. It can be quite overwhelming not just for single people but for anyone lacking love in their relationship….and their life. It can be devastating to be in a relationship and lack the connection that you crave. To live a life without love – is too half live a life indeed.

I think we need to shift the focus, we need to move our gaze away from only seen romantic love as the only love worth living for. It’s time we understood that we need to love all of life and, more importantly, love who we are.

I believe we should have three true loves in our life, one love to earn us money, a second love to keep us creative and our third love is to keep us healthy. What do I mean by three true loves and who are they? Firstly they aren’t anyone person, (or pet) they are in fact, the events and actions that make up our entire life.

I meet so many people who hate their job, they hate the people they work with and they can’t stand their boss. I must admit I’ve been in that situation on occasion, when you’re working to pay rent and cover the bills, its hard just to quit and find something else. I was never going to have any love, joy or happiness in my life when there was so much hatred for what I did with the bulk of my time. So I changed careers, I went back to uni work a crappy part-time job and had the belief that I was working a job I loved. To love the “thing” that earns you an income is a truly beautiful place to be.

I have been performing for as long as I can remember. Whether it was school plays, exams or later paid professional work. I have always loved and enjoyed the process of performing. The performing arts have been a huge part of my life. I spent hours as a teenager and even in my early 20s in-dance class, singing class, drama class that was my passion and I truly loved every minute of it. As I look back at my life, during moments of stress and anxiety I’ve always been drawn back to dance class, or even seeing a local play. There is something about the theatre that ignites passion in me like nothing ever has. To have a creative outlet and to truly love and appreciate creativity in your life is a love that you cannot put into words.

Finally to love something that moves the physical body, to love to be healthy. Yoga has been a saving grace for me. Through the practice of yoga I have learned to love my body. It’s imperfections, the way it looks, and the way it moves. Yoga has taught me to honour and respect myself, to nourish it with good foods to let it rest when it needs to and most importantly to breath. Without yoga I was at a loss. I had no love for myself and very little appreciation for who I was. To find this love was one of the greatest gifts in my life. My yoga teacher is one of the greatest inspirations she’s an amazing, the women I have had the honour of sharing a yoga practice with have taught me so much about the journey of womanhood, and all the ups and downs that come with it. I can’t imagine a day without yoga and meditation.

All of these different “loves” have helped me to understand what romantic love should feel like, most importantly I’ve come to understand that you will never truly have romantic love if you don’t have a love for your career, love for your hobby and most importantly love yourself. This February I ask you to fall in love with yourself. Go and work in the industry are you love and are passionate about, go and indulge your creative passions, feel alive to be doing what makes your soul sing and most importantly love yourself and take care of yourself. Honour your body and respect it. Create love everywhere in your life and not just in February but in every month of the

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