Love Thyself

The most profound piece of advice given to me, of which I have passed on many times to others; and where I find I am giving right now, and probably in all of my existence many, many more times; Is to Love thyself.

We don’t always see the true meaning behind this very grand statement. Most often, we discard it quickly by acknowledging we already know it, or have heard it all too many times and therefore more inclined to quickly dismiss it. Continuing on with our fast-paced and time-poor lives.

But making time for yourself to reinstate a grand feeling of Love for thyself, is what we are all searching for in the end. And when we do reach that point – we wish we knew it sooner, because the truth is; Love for yourself means everything you want, and all your dreams and aspirations align perfectly and just as easy as counting 1 to 3. Of course there are no steps to attain Love for self- just that you reinstate an inherited power and let go of feelings of helplessness – where you at last become aware of the fact that you no longer want the world to rule you. Instead, you can control the world to suit you.

When you are in a state of pure love for yourself – a constant feeling of happiness, everything around you works as you’ve asked. There is no such thing as an enemy. No such thing as foul play on anyone’s part. In fact, those who see this, express they are not in their right of power. Because thinking you have something to hate in life, is but a weakness and not power. And if this is what you are attracting towards your experiences, then you believe hate and foul behaviour exists. It only feels real to you because you believe it. Most people are tempted into dipping in and out of these feelings from negative to positive on a daily basis. But if you remind yourself, happiness knows nothing of fear or evil mindset – then you will find it is a constant feeling. So if you veer off the tracks of grandeur Love for yourself, know that you still believe you are powerless; chasing something that doesn’t exist. Living a life of misery, feelings of bitterness and sour-tasted thoughts; amplifies your illusory belief of less-than-self, and is but a sure way to keep your power silent.

Love and happiness are not coined with eating well, having a healthy life-work balance, or establishing good relationships with others around you. It runs deeper than that. It is a vibrational match to who you truly are. Which is why, when I speak of it, you will resonate with it like you knew it from the beginning of time. It is the only true and real feeling that we have. When you are absolutely certain, and you know it with every cell of your body and every part of you. And it feels angelic and perfectly right and at peace with you. And there is no such feeling, what-so-ever of fear driven thoughts. You have reached a true understanding of your being. And as profound and prophet-like this all sounds, I challenge you to give it a go. Shifting yourself to a known territory you think you fear because you believe its foreign to you, is but the proof that you have been hindering and masking yourself at the expense of an illusory control you thought was your way of life.

There is so much more to life than this. And already, understanding this simple statement sparks a power within that is ready to unleash its greatness to the world. Whatever is presenting in your experiences and the way you feel about them, is exactly who you tell yourself you are. And everything else, except true Love presents with feelings of fear and powerless thoughts. Is it not time to reinstate your power? Ask yourself these questions when you see anything that upsets you or you would like changed to make you feel your Love. Do I want to know what I’ve denied myself? And is this what I would like to see in this world?

Anastasia Panourakis
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