Love Starts With You

Let’s turn the switch, just for one day.

Let’s be in love with ourselves, our bodies, our ways.

Let’s kiss our arms and praise our bellies and be at peace with croissants, apples and parfaits.

How would that feel?

What would that look like?

Can you do it?

Can you see it?

Can you be it?

Just for a day…

If I’d have to guess, I’d say that at least 90% of women in this world struggle with self-loathing and a destructive relationship with their bodies and food. Overeating, restricting, pinching, over-exercising, mental abuse, we’re all hurting, all walking in the dark, trying to break free, but unsure of how to do it, how to let go.

However, there are 10% who are free, who are happy, who accept themselves and their bodies – just as they are.

10% who’ve turned the switch.

It is possible. It is doable. And it starts with you.

Or does it end there?

Maybe both.

For the longest time, I was pretending to be happy with my body. Not because I felt like deceiving myself, but because it was all I could do to stay sane and feel good. I would stand in front of the mirror and tell my body it looked beautiful. I would acknowledge my shortcomings and would tell myself I loved them and thanked them for being there. I didn’t believe it, but I still acted as if and over time, I began to believe what I was saying. I began to see the beauty in my curves, my flaws, my face.

It was a slow, gradual process, sometimes painful, sometimes liberating.

Had I waited for the click in my mind, had I waited for the miracle, I’d still be in treatment for anorexia, I’d still be depressed. But instead I

took the wheel in my own hands and started to turn, turn, turn because I yearned, yearned, yearned for self-love and total acceptance and voila, here it is.

So, if you’re still waiting for others to turn the switch for you or if you’re relying on new diets, new forms of punishing yourself,


and begin to turn inward to rely on your innate wisdom; the wisdom that will help you heal.

It’s your process, your very own!

And sometimes, you just gotta pretend…

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