Saying the word out loud, or in your head conjures feelings, vibrations, images & expressions of past, present & future experiences of love.

We are made of energy, we are energetic beings – A feeling is a thought in motion. Feelings allow us to communicate – feelings are energies in motion.

We function for love, for the feeling of love.

Everything can be broken down into pieces, fragments, aspects, molecules etc. Where there is love there is fear, where there is fear there is love.

Love – Fear

The relationship that you have with yourself dictates the relationship that you have with the outside world.

In most circumstances, we have been unaware that we have the ability to choose our emotional state, we would ’pretend’ that everything is fine.

Until… one day you woke up.

Now, faced with the realisation that its ‘not’ fine. The way you may have chosen to live your life, in fear, being unaware of the fact that – you have a choice over what emotion you can choose to feel, now you can see that it is not anything that can, or should be considered FINE.

This is when the magic begins:

We begin the quest for love. We search high & low, far and wide – searching, never standing still or seeking the answers from within.

Little did we know…

By drawing our attention inward (toward our thoughts and feelings), can assist us in finding our truth and further more assist us in living in alignment, with love.

There are many aspects of love, there are many types of love, versions and expressions.

One aspect of love that some of us maybe familiar with, can be described like this:

I will be honest here, a longing for love is what I am most familiar with. The deep suffocating lump that sits in my throat, closing over getting heavier and heavier until, I feel my eyes start to well, tears filling the sockets – finally an expression – a release, an emotion is felt (seems like a consolation prize) to express or compensate or deter from my lack of understanding, or maybe the frustration that is felt surrounding the love that I yearn for, search for, and if I am completely honest, at the very base of all of these emotions, the crippling Fear that it may never prevail.

And Then

The lights flicker and suddenly the room is illuminated by the ‘ahhhh haaaa’ moment that springs from the realms of up above. I am connected, I am an expression of oneness, of love, of wholeness. Choosing to believe that ‘I’ have control over how destiny will play out … is like trying to control Melbourne’s weather. I have the ability to choose my outfit, I have the ability to wear my outfit and prepare myself for what may lie ahead. Much the same as Love.

I have the ability to choose the emotions I feel. Being present in each moment is the key. If I am present within my mind, within my body I am able to choose feelings of love and positivity, as

opposed to feelings of fear and negativity (Eg: I don’t have, I’m not good enough etc – there is no ‘self – love’ there).

When choosing to live in alignment with ‘self love’, allowing thy self to let go of the things that you cannot control, allows a shift in emotional focus. Freeing up energy to focus on the things that you can attain, raising your energetic vibration in-turn gives rise to possibilities that attract energy of a similar vibration (self love and abundance).

I invite and encourage you to take a few moments to ‘check in with yourself’.

Find a quiet space. Place one hand over your heart and the other over your belly. Ask yourself, How am I feeling? Where am I feeling? What I am feeling? (Is my heart racing? Are my shoulders tense?) What could you do to change the feeling or feelings, to a feeling of love?

Could you choose to see, that the so called ‘issue’ (which, it may be right at this moment) in time, maybe a wonderful gift sent to you, to create an even better situation than what you are currently in… Just a thought….

We are human, we experience emotions and of course ‘lapses’ in our awareness of our emotions. It is important to observe, our emotional state is often changing. Compassion for thy self is a must when observing our emotions and our emotional state.

Humanness; Once again, the tightening creeps in, constricting, preventing the reprieve I once had (maybe even seconds ago), emotions flood to assist with dissecting this unexplainable feeling, trying to decipher what is happening, why and how – then the eyes well. The pattern/cycle repeats.

Love is who we are. It’s what we are made up of. Love can come in many different forms and present in many different ways.

One of the most important areas of your life that love will show up in, is self love. If you have self love, all other aspects of life will fall into place.

How do I practice self love I hear you say?

There are many ways to practice self love. Taking 5 -10 minutes out of your busy schedule to ‘check- in’ with yourself is a fantastic way to observe where your energy is and how you could better direct it towards a loving state.


Find a quite area, place one hand over your heart and the other over your belly. As you inhale draw in and direct the breath toward the hand that is placed over your belly. Inhaling for a count of 4, expand you belly so it rounds, hold the breath in for a count of 4 and then exhale drawing your belly button to your spine for a count of 4. Deep cyclic breaths help to ‘reset’ your emotional state by bring you back into the present moment.

Again your perception of the outside word is dictated by the way you feel inside. When we are calm and in alignment with our true self we are able to choose & direct our thoughts towards love.

When living in alignment with love, our bodies function with ease, our relationships flow and everyday living becomes not a chore, but a wonderland for magic to occur in any given moment. When we are living in a state of love our energy is light, flowing, receptive and enigmatic. People, events, opportunities will be drawn to you – allowing you to experience the fullness of Love.

Wishing you so much love


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