Thank you for being our February cover for Love Month!

I really enjoyed hearing you speak at Utopia last year in Melbourne and you spoke quite a bit about the challenges you’ve faced in your own life.

How did you start to learn to live your life from a place of love when all you were feeling was fear or doubt?

  • I mean if you don’t come from the heart then I don’t think that things work out.
  • At the end of the day you have to believe in yourself and love yourself otherwise you’ll get taken for a bit of a ride I think. It doesn’t matter what anyone else things of you, what matters is what you think of yourself. That’s the key.

What really changed in your life when you did thing more from a place of love?

  • I’ve had loads more failures than successes and you have to be able to see the light in those moments is the difference in learning, growing and becoming stronger from it rather than feeling self pity cos I reckon that’s the worst feeling ever!
  • So it’s always about seeing the tough times as huge positives and even thought they may feel like a step backward they’re actually a massive step forward in the big picture.

You had a huge end of 2015, congratulations! How do you recharge your batteries after such a big workload?

  • I have just been to an awesome health retreat in the Byron Bay hinterland, called Gaia – so I went there to chill out and get lots od massages, facials and loads of yummy food, just what I needed!
  • To be honest taking a break is something I often don’t do but its always worth it and it makes me much more productive in the long run.
  • Its so important to find your balance.

I’m loving your smoothie book! Can you share one of your favorite recipes?

  • It changes all the time and I go through phases, I love bananarama but at the moment I cant get enough of the golden goodness, its got turmeric in it and I feel like it makes me glow!
  • It really depends on the mood, last week was super hot so I wanted a kind of slushie and I was making “I’m alive acai” most mornings.

You also have another book coming out; can you tell us about it?

  • Yes, The Happy Life is coming out late Jan and I cant wait to see it!!
  • This book is full of heart, loads of recipes, yoga sequences, travel tips, even the healing power of having pets!
  • It was such a dream to create, I really cant wait to see it all come to life. You can get it here:

I noticed you have an Oscar Youth Elixir serum for the skin, what’s in it, what are the benefits and how did you come to create it?

  • This was created for my room mate Oscar, he used to come home from work with rashes on his face and I used to whip him up this creation
  • It was rosehip oil, macadamia nut oil
  • Flower essences and a hint of love
  • And it cleared his skin up over 2 days and he said you need to make this – so that’s how it came about but now there’s a world wide shortage of organic rosehip oil so we’re out of production until we can get our hands on some more!

What does your beauty routine look like?

  • I try to get facials quite regularly because I fly so much, I’ve been on 90 flights this year!
  • In the morning I cleanse, tone and moisturize, then I love putting this omega oil on at the end as my face tends to have a dry constitution
  • Night time I tend to exfoliate then I go heavy on the oils
  • And i use a masque once per week and sometimes more if there’s loads of travel going on!

Beauty product you can’t live without?

  • Organic facial oils
  • and water (I think drinking water is the key to healthy glowing skin)

Favourite meal?

  • Breakfast – green smoothie or in Winter I love eggs and Brussels sprouts!

What’s the biggest love in your life?

  • My dad, he’s my hero.
  • We drive each other nuts but we’ve got each others back and he’s my most honest recipe tester. He’ll always tell me if something “needs work”

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