I’ve been drawn to food and health since a teenager.

Especially to nutritious food that leads directly to a healthy mind and body. I love food; dream about it, and eat as much as I my belly allows, always!

Food, with it’s incredible abilities to drive happiness and wellbeing, both inside and out, drove me to become a qualified nutritionist.

Years ago, a friend came on a holiday with me. She had been over-weight for a long time and frequently fluctuated between strict diets and overeating.

She was unhealthy and unhappy, not just because she was overeating the wrong foods, but because she was being ‘unkind’ to herself with those strict diets and her self talk.

On this holiday, I offered my friend some pancakes. She quickly declined, as was on a “diet” and “needed to look good in the bikini”. I suggested to her that she should try eating everything I ate for the week and see what happens…

Reluctantly, she agreed and quickly ate those pancakes!

That week, I mostly cooked. We ate pancakes many mornings, pizzas, pasta and at the end of the week, with no additional exercise, she had lost 3 kg!

The ‘only’ thing we had done differently was eat like normal, happy humans should, but with a few ‘twists’…

She was in shock and said “I have never eaten so much food in my life”!

Though it sounded like we ate a heap of junk food, the reality was we ate lots of nutritional wholefoods that your body absorbs without making itself feel hungry again within in an hour.

It’s a fallacy that you must deprive yourself to look your best. And this is where being ‘unkind’ to yourself, with strict diets, being hard on yourself and not putting your wellbeing as a priority, takes a big toll on your health.


Another side to healing that I’m passionate about is energetic healers.

We all have an inner knowing. You can call it intuition or gut feeling but it’s picking up on things that you can’t see, hear or explain. Our energetic body, the field within and around us is so integral to our health, but it’s so subtle, we rarely know when it’s out of balance.

All of us can feel people’s energy on some level, and we become aware of this around negative people. It’s a strange phenomenon nothing has changed within ourselves but suddenly we can feel drained if we are around them too long.


Clearing your energetic field, which occurs to some extent during yoga, meditation, energetic balancing healings or even swimming in the ocean, resets and releases a lot of the energetic muck that builds up.

A family member was going through a pretty traumatic time while she was going through a nasty divorce. I suggested she see “Craig”. Craig is an incredible shaman. When you leave him you feel balanced and centred. After the session, she called me, so excited, she said I feel amazing, like I’m myself again!

People like “Craig” embody and exemplify the importance of not only nurturing your belly but also taking care of your inner self/soul. They both work in sync.

Last year I created a company called “Soul Star” www.soul-star.com.au that puts on cool conscious and authentic experiences to do with food nutrition and spiritual well being.

The Soul Star Festival launched in November 2016. It was an underground take on the typical mind body spirit festival. We had talks from comedians, spiritual teachers, aboriginal smoke ceremony, meditation, nutritionists, you could see healers, have a soul path reading. There were healthy food trucks, holistic markets, all in a sacred space in a cool old ware house in North Melbourne.

Following on from the success and feedback of “Soul Star”, I have created a new event that will be launched in April. It’s called “The Healer’s Hub” and will be launched at the beautiful new event space Greenfields in Albert Park.

The Healer’s Hub” is about letting go and connecting with yourself. It’s a space to enjoy incredible food that nurtures you, experience a class or classes that help you unwind, whether they be restorative yoga or meditation. Have an energy balance if you’ve never experienced one before, or have a reading.

The Healer’s Hub” has been designed for you to walk out feeling more centred and more peaceful than when you walked in.

My philosophy on wellbeing centers around self- love, being kind with what you eat, how you talk to yourself, and allowing yourself time to release let go and centre. The Healers Hub embodies all these qualities and I’m really excited to see it come to life.

Briony Goldsmith

Briony Goldsmith

Briony Goldsmith is a mum, qualified nutritionist , intuitive empath and director of Soul Star Events, a company that puts on cool conscious experiences.
Briony Goldsmith

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