My first memories of Kate Ceberano were watching her on Rage and playing her tape on my walkman in the 80s, I loved her.

What do I ask Australia’s high priestess of pop with a brilliant career spanning 35 years? How does she do it all and stay gorgeous while living well?

Thank you Kate for being our July cover for our Age Well edition. You look fabulous.

Thankyou, I’m feeling happy and balanced these days,….. lots of touring, spending time with my family and working out with a great group of like minded women!

Each of these things used to take singular precedence i.e. One thing could not mix with the other, but lately I’ve been able to incorporate all! It’s a minor miracle and something I’m super proud of.

You’ve just launched your anthology album, what are you most proud of from your 35 year career?

I am most proud of the fact that as an artist, I have been allowed to engage with so many parts of the industry of music. I have been a pop act, a singer songwriter, a touring artist, a musical theater girl, a tv host and an artistic director for a massive cabaret festival in SA for three years. My greatest source of pride being that I understand the administration of festival, can book bands, can understand the management of of music and am now enjoying independence as a recording artist too! I feel I evolved over the years and learnt how understand my own responsibilities better and can be self governing!

This is the definition of freedom for me as a woman and an artist.

Do you have a favourite song or performance?

I loved touring the “superstar” material with John Farnham, Jon stevens in arenas around the country. It was amazing singing with such quality voices night in and night out to thousands of people.

I understand you’re touring at the moment how do you keep your energy up?

I had prepared for a year with my trainer/ mentor at “energize Pilates” she and her associative trainers took me through barre, Alexander method, Pilates on an extensive training routine. I trained everyday and still try to when I’m not on the road.

The most important is thing that my trainer has given me is a safe environment. She has a loyal client base of like minded professional women who have become my friends and we train together as a little tribe! We all stay happy and help to support each other for different milestones i.e. Getting married, preparing for tour, overcoming work concerns, parenting, ageing…. It is a holistic enterprise for all of us. Engaging with all levels of life, not just health of the body, but the mind and soul .

Do you keep a certain routine with food and exercise?

I went on a simple restricted diet recently for health reasons, i.e. No sugar, wheat, almost like a 1950s diet actually. It was beautiful. Skin looked great, clothes fit really well, energy right up there…. But my life is often compromised by travel and the effort to find great food without a kitchen on the road!!!!!!! I’ve fallen on and off the wagon but the general health I attained during those months of eating carefully hold me in good stead during touring.

When I come off the road and get back into my routine.

How important is health and wellbeing to you?

It has everything to do with why I can still do what I love and have been able to do it for over 30 yrs now. Management, moderation and a keen sense of physical awareness is inspiration in itself, I WANT to feel good, nobody has to make me do it! It’s personal pride and aesthetics that keep me in the game.

How did you come to be Ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation? Can you tell us more about that role?

Many women in my field have been affected Kylie, Delta, Olivia, Renee, Chrissie the stats are alarming and speak for themselves in terms of the aggressive nature of this disease and how wide spread in the community is is. I love this group that fundraisers and does the research. My investment being to ensure my daughter and her daughters never have to fear about the future in this area.

There was once a time when it was certain death and now women and men are surviving and living full lives! This is a great campaign.

You like to give back, what’s one of your biggest passions to support? 

Original Australian artists! I try to help where I can, mentor or do master classes that focus on the business, the stagecraft and communication skills required to keep you voice heard!

You’re looking fantastic; tell us about your beauty routine.

I’m currently using “organic spa” morning and night! My skin really loves it and I feel like it it contributing to not only the maintenance but the repair of my skin. I travel so much and I’m up late and I’m often lacking sleep. It seems to support my skin under environmental stress! And it’s super easy to use.

Do you have a favourite skin care brand?

Organic Spa.

What’s one beauty product you can’t live without?

I’m in love with Organic Spa’s beauty balm! Tinted moisturizer keeps me looking hydrated without the heaviness of a cover and no yucky chemicals to fill my pores!!!!!

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