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This month we’re focusing on mindfulness. I purposely did this theme given the current turmoil in the world that people are probably feeling.

Thank you for being our March cover! This month we’re focusing on mindfulness. I purposely did this theme given the current turmoil in the world that people are probably feeling and to give a reminder to be mindful and centered in our day-to-day life.

How did you get into spiritual coaching? Was there an event in your life or catalyst that set you on this path?

Yes, I needed it!  Much like the saying goes, one teaches what they need to learn.  Getting into it back in 2000, I had no idea how much healing and self-empowerment I was in need of.  My conscious perspective was a very arrogant one that said, “I want to help other people and grow.”  As I got into learning from my wise mentors, I was quickly folded over in humbleness and able to see me and my neglected heart for the first time in a long time.

This was very shattering to my delusional sense of self, which was a story that said, “I’m nothing but strong, whole and stable.  I never cry therefore I’m the most emotionally sophisticated person around.”  I didn’t want that protective shell of a story shattered, but I needed it to be composted.

What advice would you give to people that feel anxious about the current change in the political climate around the world?

First off I think it’s important to feel one’s feelings.  It really is ok.  So I wouldn’t advise anyone to treat their anxiety like an enemy or try to escape it.  Rather, I would encourage everyone to go directly towards their anxiety, leading with their curious heart of vulnerability.  My experience is that anxiety is always a symptom of a deeper emotion.  Connecting with that deeper emotion, perhaps fear or shame, is healthy.  Otherwise anxiety serves as an uncomfortable membrane separating us from the aspect of our heart that is truly hurting and in need of our attention.

In light of the current state of the world/Donald Trump, I think it’s incredibly important that we all do our best to own what we’re projecting onto Donald Trump (or whoever our favorite world leader or nation is to get angry at).  My opinion is that if we get emotionally charged about what’s going on and blame someone else for how we feel, we then essentially have our femoral artery gashed open and we bleed out our personal power and have no idea.  I find that the more emotionally charged we are, the harder it is for us to own our projections.  Yet that is the challenge that we are all blessed with… even if it feels like a curse at times.

What do you find people are seeking the most when they come for inner coaching sessions with you?

Typically I think that they think they’re looking for something to change about themselves.  What I think they’re really looking for at a deeper level isn’t to change, but to finally accept themselves as they are.  I think being more connected to our own self is what all of us desire, yet we don’t necessarily know that’s what we’re seeking, even though we’re seeking it.

With the rise of social media and living so much of our lives online people can feel quite disconnected. What advice would you give to people so they feel re-connected again?

It’s essential for me that I don’t go on social media within the first hour of waking up or right before bed.  I find it important for me to be pretty solidly connected to myself before I go online, otherwise I can just get more and more disconnected from myself while having the illusion that I’m becoming more connected with the world.

I think social media is powerful.  Like anything, this powerful realm has a light side and a shadow side.  The light side from my perspective is that it has the potential to unify the world in ways that we’ve never seen before!  The shadow side is that we can become shockingly disconnected from ourself, looking for heartfelt connection where it’s not.

Remembering to prioritise human to human in person connection time with one’s self, friends, and family is a reminder that a lot of us need.

How do you take care of your own wellness after a busy time of travel and coaching sessions?

I won’t pretend to be perfect at it!  There are times where I get caught up taking my life too seriously and simply neglect myself.  But I do my best as often as I can after a busy period to rejuvenate myself with early bed times (9pm), lots of water, infrared saunas, gratitude journaling, yoga, time with my dog, and catching up with friends.  Unrestricted creative time is also gluten free chicken soup for my soul when it’s tired.

Your Ultra Spiritual series is hilarious and poke fun at the serious side of wellness. What was behind the decision to start producing a comedy series?

I was seeing myself and lots of other people lose ourselves on the very path that we were once finding ourselves on.  Personally, I was finding that my ego was becoming a bit dominant in using my spiritual and wellness practices as a way to gratify myself with a sense of superiority, rather than using them predominantly as a way of becoming more whole and healthy.  So I NEEDED to shine the light in the shadows where my ego was hiding its agendas with my wellness practices.  My videos are the light illuminating the shadows.

One of your Ultra Spiritual videos is How To Become a Vegetarian. Do you follow any particular dietary mantra like Vegetarianism?

I eat a pure vegan diet and a pure meat eating diet simultaneously.  I like to multi-task as an equal opportunity diet employer 🙂  I also eat gluten free and as organic and whole food based as possible.

Is there a natural beauty brand you love?

I use a bunch of them, I can’t say I have a favourite.  Anything that smells good, has zero fluoride, and is environmentally responsible is loved by me!

How do people get in touch with you for coaching sessions and follow your YouTube channel and social media?

Social media is a great place to stay connected with me.  All of my social media handles are @AwakenWithJP.

As for coaching sessions, I’m unfortunately not able to accept any more clients at this time.

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