When I came across this iv treatment on social media, I had to look twice.

Then I had to research, then I contacted them because, what the? This is something truly new to the Australian market in concept and health. But this is real and it is here, recently opened iv health clinic in South Yarra, I caught up with Shadi to find out more.

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This is a totally new concept that is being introduced to the Australian market. Can you tell a little about how it will work?

Yes iv treatments are a very new concept being introduced into the Australian market. Intravenous vitamin therapy is huge overseas in countries like the US, Europe, and Middle East. In a nut shell, we administer vitamins and fluids into our patients via the intravenous route for purpose of improving wellness, boosting the immune system, improving skin elasticity, building collagen, and rehydrating the body. All our treatments are conducted under the supervision of a medical practitioner and administered by a registered nurse.

What happens in a typical iv treatment?
The client arrives at the clinic and has a consult- we go through their medical history to make sure that they are suitable for this type of treatment- then we work out what they want to achieve and choose the appropriate treatment for them. They then sit back and relax on our comfortable beds and our nurse inserts the cannula into their arm and connects the infusion-  the client relaxes and we usually leave the room and dim the lights so they feel more comfortable and then we come back 30 minutes later when it ends, disconnect them and then they are off!

Where did you come up with the idea?

I had several infusions done in LA while i was on holiday last year- i was quite run down at the start of my trip and during it too  with all the sightseeing. A friend recommended it, and i went and had it done and i felt amazing. When i came home i didnt have jet lag or anything! A while later i couldn’t stop thinking about it, and i knew it didnt exist in Australia. So i started doing my research and about 3 months later decided i would go ahead with it and make it available here! Here we are …

Will you get referrals from doctors or other practitioners?
Oh yes definitely. I have already had quite a few referrals from medical doctors treating patients with chronic fatigue, glandular fever and depression.

Do you think it’ll be popular with the public?
Yes. It has already been very busy for us and we’ve only been open a short time. We had a long and nasty winter this year with quite a bad flu season, and allot of people are just exhausted! They want to get their health back and get back outside doing the things they love- so our energy boosting infusions have been really popular. In addition to this, we have had allot of athletes and people training for marathons whose body’s become totally dehydrated- so they use the fluids to rehydrate and replenish themselves. Then we have the anti-aging infusions which detoxify you, leaving you with glowing skin! This has been very popular amongst both our male and female clients

What sort of outcomes should people expect from having a treatment with you?
We have 5 infusions designed to target different things. All our infusions will replenish and rehydrate you.
1. Replenish.ME: this infusion is designed just for rehydration of the body
2. Rejuvenate.ME: this infusion contains glutathione which detoxifies the body, leaving you healthier and gives a beautiful glow to the skin.
3. Vit-C.ME: this infusion is a high dose of vitamin C- amazing for boosting the immune system, and ofcourse building collagen production in the skin.
4. Energise.ME: this infusion contains a mix of B complexes, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Calcium- which are used together to boost your energy levels.
Finally we have
5. Revive.ME: this infusion is our all rounder- it contains a mix of all of the above and will leave you feeling energised and your skin glowing!

Will you be selling any complimentary products for people to use after their treatment?
There is no after-care for our treatments which is the best part- once we take care of you, you can go home and dont have to worry about a thing!

When do you open?
We opened in mid September- and are available at this point in time 3 days per week- Thursday-Saturday.

Where can people find you?
We are currently operating in South Yarra- you can jump on the website and book online at www.ivmeaustralia.com.au – we are offering free consultations for the month of October!

Well it certainly sounds very fascinating and I can’t wait to check it out!
We look forward to having you in for an infusion!

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