Australian natural beauty Isabel Lucas talked to us about her natural beauty routine with Santé by ENJO; how she stays natural in Hollywood, and how she keeps up with her wellness routine with a hectic schedule. 

You’re the face of Santé by Enjo, what do you love the most about their cleansing cloths?

The fact all you need is water! It’s such an innovative concept yet so very simple. I tried the Santé by ENJO skin care line for a couple months before partnering with them. It is smart technology, the fibres are so fine they lift off all make up, oil, impurities and eliminate all cleaners, soaps as all you need is water. I wouldn’t have thought it could work so well, but I love how clean and fresh my skin feels and that I am opting out of using unnecessary plastic and chemicals as the products are reusable.

The Sante by Enjo cloths look really convenient for time poor women. How does your cloth save you time? 

I spend a lot of time travelling so for me they are the perfect travel companion, no need to carry bulky cleanser bottles. It cuts down the plastic use! They conveniently come in a laundry bag that doubles up as the packaging that I simply pop in my case. The fact you only need water means I can cleanse and keep my skin clean wherever I am in the world.


Can you tell us more about your beauty routine?

My beauty routine is very simple, I love to splash my face with water that I scent using lavender doterra drops. I cleanse with Sante by ENJO’s make up removers. Once a week I will use their exfoliator to give my skin a bit more of a deeper clean. At the moment I am loving Dr Hauschka quince crème and Green Foot Mumma’s face and body sunscreen.

Along with being an activist for animals and the environment you are also a vegetarian and very natural yourself, is using natural products just another natural extension of yourself? Have you always used natural products?

I have always been very conscious of my connection with the earth, my love for being outside in nature. Using natural products is just common sense, I don’t want to use chemicals on my skin or have it flow out into the oceans. I guess it’s just common sense.

Previously you have supported famous spa regions in Australia, do you have a favourite place and day spa? 

I love Daylesford in Melbourne, I have only visited a couple times, it’s magical land out there and has amazing hotsprings. I also love Zen Facial in Sydney.

What’s the most amazing spa treatment you’ve experienced?

My dear friend Fumi has a little place in Bronte, Sydney called Zen Facial. She is very sensitive to energy, a very loving approach to supporting inner beauty. I love everything about her ethos.

What makes a really good day spa?

I love it when a day spa is focussed on listening to and caring for the soul, the real inner beauty. When we take care of how we feel inside, it balances and nourishes us on all levels, and we can shine from this place of connection within ourselves.

I love how natural you come across on the screen. Being comfortable in your own skin is a huge part of Natural Beauty Expert. Do you feel pressure in Hollywood to be less natural or have surgery procedures to ‘keep up’ with other women?

I think it’s important just to be yourself and be true to who you are. I do recognise the societal beliefs and I wish more women would have the inner strength to give their focus to their own inner beauty, their connection with their true self. This is far, far, far more powerful than adhering to fleeting ideas of outer-beauty. Cultivating and practicing kind thoughts towards yourself and therefore others too, is a happier, more fulfilling way to spend life. It is a moment by moment practice with takes courage and love.

How do you stay healthy with such a busy schedule?

I make sure I have a hearty breakfast. This usually consists of of eggs, spinach, gluten free toast, zucchini… I mostly buy from the local farmer market and always check my food is GMO free, organic and that my eggs are free range. This is really important for so many reasons. I take daily supplements of the B’s and sometimes have kombucha as a pro-biotic. I like tea, but I have a keep-cup which I keep in my car, so if I pick up a coffee on the go I don’t have to throw away the cup. I love having coffee when I’m in Australia. And I make an effort to actually stop, slow down. A life is a blip in time, it is actually important to slow down and simple be, rather than be in the ‘achieve’ and ‘do’.


What does wellness look like in a day of the life of Isabel Lucus? (how do you incorporate wellness into day to day life)

I will start the day with a hot green tea, I like to stretch most mornings on my mat at home and will try and fit  a couple of yoga classes in a week. I love going for a walk, especially by the ocean which usually ends up with me going for a dip!. I feel much better, more energised, especially when I’m tired or very busy, I always appreciate it after that I made the time for myself. Staying in tune with nature, whether it’s staying in tune with the moon cycles or going for a 15 minute walk is important, it helps us stay in balance.

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