A woman’s period can be a real pain to endure, figuratively and literally.

Founder of subscription tampon service Liverpool St Siobhan Komander knows the struggle and has compiled a list of do’s and don’t’s every woman can follow to get through the week without getting fired, dumped or arrested.


1) Eat the right foods – “It is oh-so-tempting to opt for pizza, chocolate and wine when we’re feeling flat and moody. However, you will feel far better if you increase your intake of natural foods, rich in anti-inflammatories such as tomatoes, berries, and nuts and magnesium such as bananas and leafy greens.”

2) Move – “Exercise is likely to be the last thing on your to-do list but some very light exercise during your period will actually improve your mood. Walking, yoga and swimming are all great ways to boost your endorphin levels. Avoid any heavy weights or hard cardio.”

3) Be kind to yourself – “Many women feel fat, bloated and generally awful during the week of their period. Bloating is part of the process and it’s important to remember this and realise you haven’t just gained 3kg for no rhyme or reason. Focus on how good you’ll feel in a couple of days!”

4) Plan ahead and be prepared – “Most women have encountered the unpleasant ‘oops’ moment when their period arrives and they realise they forgot to stock up on supplies. I founded subscription service Liverpool St to eliminate this hassle altogether. We deliver tampons to women around Australia every month, ensuring they are never caught out.”

5) Give yourself a break – “Plan a treat for yourself that week. It could be a chance to meditate, a massage or a pamper sesh with a girlfriend.”


1) Make any important decisions – “As tempting as it may be, do not quit your job, dump your boyfriend or sell your house this week. In fact, don’t make any big decisions while you’re PMS-ing. Sleep on it and see how you feel the following week. What seemed like a disaster of epic proportions could be a mere hiccup.”

2) Give in to caffeine and alcohol – “If you increase your consumption of booze and coffee, it will actually cause blood vessels to constrict, meaning increased cramping – eek!”

3) Get dehydrated – “Do not reduce your water consumption because you’re feeling bloated. Water is key to hydration and oxygenation and will help ease the nasty side effects you’re feeling.”

4) Forget you’re awesome! – “As they say, this too shall pass. It’s helpful to remember that every amazing female role model you have goes through this stuff. Yes, even Michelle Obama probably has her off days.”

5) Stay silent – “People don’t like talking about periods which makes mood swings ten times worse. You need to communicate with the important people in your life. Tell your boss why you can’t stop yawning, tell your partner why you’re snappy and tell your kids that Mummy isn’t her usual happy self and why.”

Passionate about creating something new every day, Siobhan started her entrepreneurial adventure with a laptop, $3,000, no clients and a name only an owner could spell – thus Xphyr Brand Experiences was born.

Over 13 years the company grew into a thriving enterprise with offices in two countries and some of the world’s most innovative technology brands within the portfolio, including Google, YouTube, Spotify, Houzz and Twitter. “Events allow me to have the creativity for our clients whilst also satisfying the desire to develop leadership skills, brand development and best business practices” she says. “A GFC will quickly teach you how to manage cashflow!”

In 2016 a health shake up forced Siobhan to reassess her priorities. The changing needs of clients, staff and the need to find a more balanced approach to work and life, both mentally and physically, resulted in a deeply considered recalibration. “Once I stopped to evaluate my mental and physical health, I realised I needed to take more time to find joy and happiness in everyday life and not live on adrenaline and stress.” She reviewed every aspect of her life and the stress she was constantly under. She is learning to say ‘yes’ again, find the calm within and forgive herself for the mistakes she perceives she’s made.

Having researched, investigated and recalibrated her life after her health scare, questions around all things she was putting into and doing to her body were amplified. “It wasn’t just quitting sugar and reducing salt – it was shampoo, body wash, tampons etc – it all got a review!” It occurred to me that I had no idea where these products came from, nor what ingredients they contained. How many tampons had I used in my life?”

Searching for products with clean and natural ingredients combined with a lack of tampon options that could be easily and regularly delivered sparked the idea of Liverpool.st, a tampon delivery subscription service. “I wanted it to be so much more than just tampon delivery, though,” she said. “Being creative, I wanted to establish a positive and upbeat community for women where we break down the discussion taboo of our cycles.” The Liverpool St Instagram account was described by a fan as “eye candy for the modern woman’ which sums up the mission behind being kind to yourself and the people around you.

Liverpool St is a quick and simple way to have the most natural tampons available delivered directly to your door, nationwide. Dispatched on the first of every month, the tampons you choose will be delivered to your letterbox ensuring you’ll never have to do a quick dash to the servo for an emergency supply again. “The cost of postage is negligible when it saves you time because time is money and we’re busier and more over-committed than ever before” Siobhan says. “You can purchase regular, super or mixed packs at Liverpoolst.com.au.”

In the months to come Liverpool St will be expanding its product and service offering to deliver a wider variety of monthly needs for women.

Siobhan Komander