How To Stay Healthy And Naturally Beautiful This Christmas!

Wondering how to stay healthy and not skimp on your skin care and beauty choices this silly season?

At BellaNaturally, we are avid supporters of a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle and have come up with a quick guide to help you survive this Christmas season! Plus we give you some great recommendation of green beauty gifts for you or your loved ones!

Stay hydrated: Healthy glowing skin needs hydration, nourishment and a good organic moisturizer or serum! With the many boozy drinks that may be consumed at this time of year, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated, particularly in this Australian heat! Alcohol is known to be a diuretic, meaning it depletes water from the body. Too much alcohol, besides a throbbing hangover can result with skin redness (inflammation) or a dry flaky texture.

For skin repair and nourishment, good skin moisturisers like ECO. Certified Organic Rosehip CO2 Super Serum is perfect! This serum is your ultimate weapon to help with age defiance and moisture loss. Its concentrated formula is rich in essential fatty acids that contains a blend of oils rich in vitamins and omegas 3,6 and 9 – excellent for skin regeneration and restoration! Spoil your mum or sister with these gorgeous ECO. Gift packs: Face Rosehip CO2 & Vitamin C Serum Duo and Youthful Skin Serum Duo.

Don’t sweat it: We love a hot summer’s day in this sunburnt land but for some people that can also mean being drenched in sweat or the embarrassment of pungent, unpleasant body odour….no thanks! Deodorants don’t need to be laced with potential harmful chemicals like parabens or aluminium to work! Just check out our range of Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant. We love the Bergamot & Lime because of the fresh and bright citrus scent!  With essential oils that lend additional disinfectant and skin healing benefits, the plant-based powders protect against wetness and are suitable for both men and women.

For those that prefer the luxe version of odour protection, the Lavanila range is divine! Ultra luxurious and beautifully created deodorant and fragrances, the Sports Luxe is our fave for those hard, sweaty workout days! For every day odour protection, you can’t go past the classic Pure Vanilla or Vanilla Coconut!

Swap your chemical based perfume with Lavanila Mini Rollerball Collection. This 5-piece collection of perfectly portable mini roller-ball fragrances makes a stunning gift and a healthy choice!

Be sun safe naturally: We love the great outdoors and some of us tend to worship the sun without the thought of sun damage or worse, skin cancer! However, with high skin cancer rates in this country it’s no fun to risk your health all in the name of a sun tan! Fake it with an organic tan such as Ecotan’s Cacao Firming Mousse or the value packed Ecotan Glow Pack. Choose from our range of natural and organic sunscreens for the best non-toxic sun protection. After all, your skin is the largest bodily organ!

Go green with makeup: Switching to clean makeup is easy once you have sampled some of the great green beauty and cruelty free brands available! Our generous range of Zuii Organic makeup will make you come back and sample more. We love the Certified Organic Flora Blush-Melon as it delivers simple and effective talc-free colour! And this gorgeous food grade, everyday wear shade of flora lipstick in Mandarin will give your lips a healthy shade of colour.

Our new range of Lavera Certified Natural makeup is worth checking out if you’re looking for affordable makeup that out performs. We also love the versatile makeup products like W3ll People’s Universalist Multi-stick which is great for playing up eyes, cheeks and lips and when you need to pack light for travel!

Visit us at BellaNaturally and choose from a carefully selected range of natural and organic products this Christmas!

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