The last couple of months have been stressful for all of us.

This beautiful planet of ours is going through a lot of tumultuous turmoil at the moment with the ever-changing political landscape and burgeoning environmental issues just to name a few! Top that off with some of our own personal stresses in life and it suddenly becomes very clear.

We need some techniques to keep ourselves calm and healthy and what better way to do this than through some much needed natural tender love.

So without much ado, let’s get to some easy techniques we can all adopt today to get calmer.

A more Organic Way of Life …

What we put into our bodies is directly correlated to how we feel.

A diet full of natural and fresh foods as well as vegetables will no doubt make us feel better while being good for us as well. It’s a win-win. There has been a lot of recent evidence that clearly displays just how great a wholesome natural diet is for all of us so it’s one of those things in life we don’t have to think too much about – which is always a good thing, we’re sure you’ll agree!

It has become very apparent that limiting the use of junk food, pre-canned meals and fast food alternatives in our diet is not only beneficial for our insides (and outsides) but can actually prevent some nasties as well.

Organic Food is made the way we were always meant to consume it, naturally with Nature’s very own “pesticides” used by Organic Growers such as Neem and other natural solutions. What this means for those who eat organic products is that there is less of a chance of food related allergies and long term damage.

Let’s face it. When we’re good on the inside, we generally “feel” better holistically which adds to us maintaining a calm and healthier demeanour which keeps everyone in the household happy.

Adopt Natural Products for a Healthier Personal Care Solution

I don’t know about you but I am paranoid about what goes onto my skin. Sure, I like to eat healthy to maintain a certain way of life and I am definitely a supporter of the old adage beauty is skin deep but that doesn’t mean I don’t want some help for what’s exposed to the elements.

I consider myself lucky to have worked with natural products from the age of fourteen. As a result, I have also been fortunate to have been exposed to much of the writing and evidence that touches on the multitude of benefits of a more “organic” way of life.

I swapped to using natural products on my skin and hair in my early teens and have never looked back. Using natural products and alternatives on my skin and hair have meant that I have had limited breakouts and damaged skin and hair throughout the years.

This has personally made me feel more confident about the way I look and feel which in turn has helped me maintain a more calmer outlook (for the most part anyway, I think we all have our bad days once in a while which is allowed I guess!). This has allowed me to remain calm (even in high stress situations) which has presented me with the opportunity to usually think before I act and speak – something that I think everyone will agree has almost always turned out to better than the alternative of acting before we think calmly.

Massage away those kinks …

This is a great one in my book!

Ah, massage. Just the word is enough to conjure up image of indulgence and relaxation, two very important prerequisites to remaining calm and composed.

This is why I’m sure you’re not going to be surprised that this wonderful ancient practice was mentioned in Vogue for remaining mindful this year as well.

I know that many women (and men) would love to get a massage more often but like life in general, well, life gets in the way. This doesn’t mean that we should just begrudgingly brush this wonderful calming technique to the kerb however.

I will often massage my face before I sleep at night with my natural night cream for a couple of minutes. I close my eyes, go to my happy place and lightly rub my cream into my face in light, circular motions to destress my body (and the all elusive mind) calmly and quickly.

When I am finding it particularly difficult to calm my mind and body, I get into bed and conduct the Yogic Shuvasana move and before I know it I’ve fallen asleep.

Massage, coupled with Yoga is a wonderful, easily maintainable way (both financially and time wise) to keep calm and cool this year and well into the future and best of all, your body is going to thank you for it.

Here’s to a More Calmer version of you!

Adopt these easy to use natural alternatives to remain calm this year. With all the news and predictions of what’s to come, don’t let life bog you down. Take control of your life, your destiny and your reactions and you’ll be well on your way to feeling more confident and happy about everything life throws your way.

Have you got any other natural calming strategies you can share with us?

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