Have you ever had anxious thoughts, and no matter how much you try to think positive thoughts, use affirmations, or make changes to your outer world, the anxiety still exists?

Why is this? It’s because we are not addressing the root cause, our limiting beliefs and past traumas and experiences.

We are fortunate that meditation and mindfulness are becoming recognized as coping tools for anxiety, but now there’s also a very profound and effective method that works to uncover the underlying reasons why some of us get anxiety and what we can do to remove it. This method is called ‘Matrix Reimprinting’. It is a process that focuses on our belief systems, our negative emotions, as well as the physical issues/side effects we experience because of these negative thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Let me explain how our beliefs affect us. From the age of 0-6 we experience what is known as the ‘imprint years’ in our psychological development. During these six6 years we are in the ‘hypnotic’ stage of brain development. We are NOT capable of rational conscious thought but rather are sponges for the information around us. Information from our parents, family members, our teacher’s, our friends and situations we witness or experience, all lead us to create perceptions which then lead us to create our beliefs about life. These beliefs both positive and negative, subsequently become the road map for how our life plays out in the future.

For example, think of a child whose parents argued a lot. As an adult we know that parents arguing has nothing to do with the child, but to a two year old, sitting in the lounge hearing this arguing, they could make it mean anything. Meanings such as; life is hard, bad things will happen, I am not good enough, I must be perfect to be loved, I am not worthy, and so on. These beliefs are not logical, but to a child, they are real. And they are particularly common beliefs amongst anxiety sufferers.

From here, contrary to popular thought, these beliefs are NOT forgotten by children as they grow older. Rather, they become a magnet for our experiences in life. We may start suffering anxiety straight away, or go through 20 years without anything happen, and then suddenly, something happens that triggers our subconscious mind and those buried negative beliefs come to the surface.

The best way to explain how this works, is to give an example of a client case. Sandy* *had recently moved with her husband from NZ to Australia. She knew no-one and lived in a city that was unfamiliar with no friends to call upon. Within a matter of months she was experiencing panic attacks and constant anxiety. No matter how hard she tried to rationalize the behaviour as not necessary, she was constantly triggered. So she came to work with me (online) and using the Matrix Reimprinting process of identifying emotions and feelings associated with her anxiety, we were able to track back to some core negative beliefs she had created as a child. These negative beliefs included; “It is not safe,” “Bad things will happen”, “I am alone”, “Something dangerous will happen.” All these beliefs stemmed from significant (perceived traumatic) events in Sandy’s childhood. Please note, traumas are subjective and different for each individual.

As it turned out, Sandy was an only child, so her family constantly worried and were over protective of her. Her mum was particularly anxious and fretted about her when she was away from the house, and she made this obvious to Sandy. Sandy learned that to be away from home was dangerous. This included going on school camps and to friends houses after school. We also discovered that her mum had had anxiety herself and this was passed to Sandy in the womb (science is now proving that issues are passed from generation to generation through our DNA).

So fast forward 30 years and all it took was one trigger of moving away from home to bring up these anxious feelings again. Using ‘Matrix Reimprinting’ we could identify the underlying limiting beliefs and change these to new empowered ones. Hey presto! Sandy’s panic attacks disappeared and her anxiety no longer exists. It really is a case of “Change your beliefs, Change your life.” And the scientific research proves that.

(Please note this case is not a typical one but does highlight how simple and quickly we can overcome anxiety with the right tools.) It has been my experience of working with clients that; anxiety need not be a permanent issue in ones life. Ironically, the belief that we think anxiety is something we have to live with and can’t be overcome, is merely a limiting belief in itself. And this believe, (as we have just seen) can also be changed!

With that thought in mind, what possibilities would open up for you if your anxiety no longer existed? Let me reassure you, the impossible is indeed possible.

* Name changed for privacy

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