In the past decade, we have become increasingly aware and accepting of our foods natural abilities.

We are moving towards a healthier spectrum of eating to alleviate disease, promote energy and restore a healthy balance. We now understand the negative associations of toxins that circulate in our body. And fortunately we have the ability to eliminate those harsh chemicals from our body via the bloodstream and other important systems such as the kidneys. Cast your awareness now to the disease of thought that pose a wider perspective on the toxins we create in our body. Negative emotions that come from fear, like anger, gives your body an instantaneous ill-effect. This toxic emotion can give more negative impressions to your body far more than we’ve ever known in earlier times.

I’ve talked about constant negative thought patterns known as chronic-thinking in previous publications. The reason I put emphasis on this subject is because it affects us from a holistic view. It can lead to altering neurochemicals of the brain resulting in disease like depression and other mental illnesses. This then communicates to other cells in the body, almost like a domino effect, or a wave of toxicity travelling throughout your body. Silent in its nature, other body systems such as the digestive area responds to negative emotion, much like the constrictive feeling one might experience from stress. However, looking deeper, the bacteria of the gut changes when endangered by toxicity. This then can last long periods of time due to the cells ability to have a memory. It then takes a long time to reduce the effects of toxicity. This explains why our bodies undergo a level of unresolved illnesses for traumas dating back to childhood.

Fortunately there is a way to heal the body and cancel-out the toxicity. To purify and re-claim our natural balance, we need to work holistically by targeting the physical, psychological, emotional and environmental parts of ourselves. Here are some easy and simple steps to cleanse both the mind and the body.

Step 1 – Take action

  • Source out chemical free foods. Notice keenly on poultry and eggs. Organic sources must read in the ingredients section as fresh as possible – without contaminants or additives.
  • Surround yourself in nature. Go for regular walks and breathe in clean air. This will feed your senses of natural beauty and clarity.

Step 2 – Change your psyche

  • Have a look at my earlier publications (the mind-body connection) to familiarise yourself on the impact of negative thinking.
  • The mind is intelligent and powerful. Every thought has the potential to affect you in a positive or negative way. It is up to you to choose which thought is going to work for you
  • Mediation is an effective way to achieve clarity and help you move toward positive thought patterns
  • Simply be aware of your daily routine. Make decisions on encouraging experiences rather than playing victim to ones that are toxic.

Step 3- Weed out the negatives

  • Make deliberate action to ensure your connection with other people is a positive experience. Remember that the energy you surround yourself with is important to your wellbeing. A negative relationship can affect your health and state of being.
  • Remain confident in yourself. Paint a positive picture of yourself because you are the master of your life. You simply deserve better.

Step 4 – Take control

  • All conditions that are external to you; such as redundancy from work can cause stress and displacement. This results in erratic sleep patterns, elevated blood pressure, aggression, irritability, and depression to name a few. This depletes our ability to excel.
  • If you want to profit from a detox routine, then it is imperative you focus on challenging these issues.

These steps aim to holistically aid all areas of self. Rather than detoxifying with a liver cleansing diet, too often it is never enough. Add a little Love and positive belief and all can be accomplished. The highest value in life is YOU. Nothing is more important. Without a positive and well-balanced mind and body, life lacks the Joy you were born to have. I hope this will help you to lead your existence to greater lengths. As you gain control and master the effortless creation of life itself, it will be fulfilling, joyful and full of passion.

Anastasia Panourakis
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