Hot weather is by far our ultimate modus operandi; when you are born and raised in a pretty hot climate, you grow accustomed to everything that comes with it – both the good and the bad.

The great thing is, there’s always an awesome tip here and there to pick up from your mum (or even grandmum!), your aunts, cousins and friends – they’ve all brainstormed amazing natural ways to stay in your best spirits, both physically and mentally.

One of the hot topics (pun intended!) in our hot Australia is the way to achieve natural beauty in spite of very challenging weather conditions; not everyone’s skin tolerates the sun, which is why there had to be ways found to work with what you’ve got.

With this in mind, we’re laying out our favorite tips and hacks that will help you stay naturally beautiful with the use of (natural) cosmetics and a few other tricks along the way:

Keep your makeup in the fridge

Wait, what? Yes, you’ve read it right – during hot, steamy days, popping your makeup in the fridge will make it go on smoother and last longer! Oh, and guess what? The heat doesn’t only make YOU sweat, but your makeup and cosmetics, too! Generally, heat can activate the solvents in cosmetics and change their consistency, causing bubbles to appear. So, stick those beautifiers in the fridge and think no more!

Ice before you apply

The ice cube is God for hot weather makeup. Here’s how to pull the good ol’ ice cube trick:

– Gently rub your face with an ice cube

– Let it sit for a few seconds

– Pat (not rub!) your skin dry

And the point of this? Well, the cold of the ice cube closes up the pores, tightens the skin and makes it smoother. We think that’s a reason good enough, don’t you?

Lighten up

You are already a stunner, so why use all that makeup? It’s too hot out anyways, let your skin breathe and rely on your tan and a little bit of breathable shimmer to give you an amazing glow. Say goodbye to heavy formulas and full coverage foundations, and go for light, tinted moisturisers instead. If, however, you are preparing to stun, then opt for natural brands that leave your skin hydrated, refreshed and nurtured. Make sure your makeup bag features any (or all!) of the amazing Jane Iredale products and you’ll see your skin blossom!

Use products that are created to cool you down

Believe it or not, there are cosmetics that are designed to cool your skin down during hot weather! Our favorites are Marc Jacobs concealers, Woody’s conditioner and Julep’s Luxe Lip treatment – the moment you apply them, you’ll feel a freshness overpowering you. They’re amazing!

Skip the fragrance

Your coconut oil moisturizer or your sunscreen is enough. Don’t torture the skin with chemically processed fragrances, okay?

Apply your liquid lipstick

No one likes getting that creamy lipstick smeared on their face, now do they? Wear a long-lasting liquid lipstick (our favorite is Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Lip Color) for a lightweight, yet seamless finish for whenever you need to look super hot and polished. On other days, a coat of lip balm will do.

Wade into waterproof

For all you girls who love to swim, long gone are the times when you feared getting raccoon eyes! Simply invest in a good waterproof mascara that will help your eyes pop and keep the bedazzle alive! When your eyes are defined, there’s no need for any other type of makeup, plus, we’ve agreed too much makeup is bad for the skin during hot weather, haven’t we?

Use the environment to your advantage

Instead of going into a frenzy for not knowing how to manipulate the hot weather, do the opposite – celebrate the fact that you can walk around with your hair wet and curly, your face bare and your skin glowing with creamy sunscreen protection. What more is there to wish for!

We hope our advice has helped and that you’ll enjoy your (hot) time!


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