Honour Thyself This Christmas

To respect


is to honour

who you

are becoming.

With all the busy-ness of this time of year people can get down on themselves with the extra eating, drinking and lack of exercise. Ideally, exercise is an act of self-care that has benefits beyond just musculoskeletal and cardiovascular physiology – it creates a positive mindset that permeates your whole life. Your choice to exercise is an affirmation to live well, healthy and strong.

Unfortunately, every day as a Health Coach and Personal Trainer I see people who, from the outside, look like they are respecting themselves, but in truth they are not honouring their inner being. I see the angst dripping off the treadmill from people who, in truth, are not involved in an act of self-care, but rather, self-flagellation. If you could see the deep seated thought bubbles coming from many people in the gym you would hear, “I am fat so must run this disgusting stuff off”, “My father died of a heart attack, I won’t let that happen to me”, “I am a skinny dork, I want to be massive”… and so on.

In truth, what are these people saying? “I must look good or I will not be loved.” “I must get fit or I will die.” “I am not respected. The right physique will get me the respect and admiration I want.” So their reason for training is based on a foundation of fear.

So what do we do with this? How can we change it? First, for a person to be aware that their reason for exercising is self-harming, not self-caring, not out of respect for self. Then for health professionals, especially in the media, to speak of the joy of movement, rather than a necessary ‘evil.’ For example, for celebrity trainers to stop talking about having to push themselves when they really don’t want to train.

This is the old mindset that evolved beings seeking to come from a higher vibration now need to disregard. Be gone the old-school motivational slogans – ‘Go hard or go home’, ‘No pain, no gain’ etc.

Instead to see our bodies, these wondrous creations, that give our soul a vehicle to travel this lifetime, as thing of beauty that loves to move. Yes, loves to move. Rare is the toddler who doesn’t instinctively play and totally love doing it. As adults this movement does not have to be measured with Fitbits and heart rate monitors. These are fine as a measurement tool, but in moderation. To identify with these by putting numbers first above the joy of movement, is to lose yourself in your head and dismiss this beautiful thing that is your body, as a burden. So by all means, use it to measure your 10,000 steps each day, but I ask that you enjoy the time putting one foot in front of the other; that you thank your wonderful feet, amazing legs and fantastically co-ordinated torso and arms, all orchestrated by the lungs, heart and brain… and everything in between.

If you want your body to move better, move without pain, and ‘look’ better, do what it loves, what truly nourishes it. A suggestion if you don’t like gyms, running, bootcamps i.e. the traditional fitness path – dance. Pretty much everyone loves to dance. I have seen this when people walk past training session and I have Bee Gees ‘Staying Alive’ playing and nearly every person, regardless of age, sings along and does some sort of dance to it. So my challenge to you is to put on your favourite music and just let your body move to it. You will get the exercise you need, and your body and inner being will love you for it. Here is some inspiration from Native American rapper Supaman, to get you started,

“Dance like nobody is watching – NO. This implies fear and shame of being ridiculed. I say dance like everyone is watching… Dance for those who are hurting, for those who can’t dance… for those who suffer injustices … Let every step be a prayer for humanity! Most of all dance for the Creator, who breathed into your soul so that you may celebrate the gift of life!”

If you want some fun to get you grooving go to and have look at Day 8 of my 22-Day pushup challenge.

In essence what I am saying is to fully connect with what you love to do re exercise. The traditional path is fine. But if you don’t like this path, if you are constantly looking to see when the time is up, then find something that your body loves. Not sure what? Give lots of modalities a go. You will find what your body loves and your inner being joyously agrees.

It began with a Hummingbird

This is a book of inspiration that is all about connection… the most important connection is between you and your emotions…and through this, we can all connect to others authentically. One of the greatest gifts to give another is the gift of connection.

It is my wish that when a person reads my book that he or she is moved beyond words and transported to a place where the world stops….and YOU begin…

People who have read my book tell me that it is not just ‘observational’ poetry, that is, merely describing what is seen or felt. One person described my writing in the following way, “They open a door to take you to a better place.” This is exactly my aim. Each piece has a higher meaning.

I am giving $5 per book to Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia to help fund their life-changing work saving women from the pain and indignity suffered from horrific childbirth injuries. Here is a link to an amazing video from Oprah, showing the story of the Australian doctor Catherine Hamlin and her charity. Truly inspiring:

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