I came across Valli’s work a few years ago and have been very curious about it since.

It’s no secret I love a more traditional European style facial with lots of massage – at Herbario they take it to another level. Herbario’s co-founder, Valli Shubere, has developed a signature detoxification technique over the years, which centers around detoxifying the skin through the function of its dermal layers.

When I arrive I am shown through the clinic on Chapel street and upstairs to the treatment rooms. Valli is very welcoming and gives me direction to change and get comfortable on the bed. Once settled she explains why she has developed her detoxification technique, and that she will be using a tailored mix of the highest grade organic herbs and oils throughout the treatment to detox my skin.

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During the consultation Valli asks me if I have any allergies or sinus issues, and I say no. But she picks up that I have lymphatic gland congestion around my face and neck. She also notes that I have fluid retention on both sides of my nose, caused by inflamed maxillary sinuses.

This is what’s giving me bags and lines under the eyes (I make a mental note to massage that area when ever I remember!)

From the cleansing process I can feel the herbs are strong and the fresh aromas fill my senses. After the assessment and initial cleanse, Valli proceeds straight into an intense massage across my face with a herbal mixture which feels like an exfoliant.

This is the initial process of her detox methodology and continues for the majority of the facial which extends to the face, neck and shoulders.

Valli focuses on my jawline (where there are blockages common in most people from clenching and grinding teeth at night), activating lymphatic drainage, releasing muscular tension and improving micro circulation.

The best way to describe it is like a deep tissue massage for your face. Valli’s years of clinical experience with dermal detoxification and European herbal medicine provides effective, targeted treatments that actually work, getting deeper into your facial structure than any peel could.

When the detoxification process of the treatment is completed, the treatment continues with a rejuvenating herbal mask, which has a beautiful cooling effect on my skin that also feels quite active. These herbs definitely pack some punch!

The treatment ends with the application of some beautiful serums and moisturizes – my skin feels balanced and super soft. Some of the amazing products used in the treatment and for personal care are called Herbario DERMAherbals holistic skin remedies:

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Herbario’s Face Detox Treatment is the first ever methodology to integrate dermal detoxification and deep hygiene of facial structure, to stimulate its physiological function and recover its immune vitality.

It is a 90 minute treatment that works to:

  • Eliminate the toxic load of the skin
  • Removes ingrained make-up concealed in deep tissue, and reduces open pore formation
  • Detoxify lymphatic congestion of the face and neck
  • Balance overactive or under active micro-circulation
  • Reduces dermal irritation, inflammation and sensitivity
  • Optimise the function of 77 muscles located in the face and neck
  • Eliminate TMJ (temporal mandibular jaw) dysfunction
  • Restores the dermal protective barrier, its immune function and dermal integrity

The treatment stimulates dermal metabolic functions and activates the skins physiological processes, rather than suppressing them – it treats the cause, not just the symptoms.


Herbario’s Face Detox Treatment was created in 1988, and has since captivated the attention of a perceptive audience for being the first facial treatment to integrate complementary medicine principles, botanical medicine and natural dermal detoxification therapy.

Valli’s innovative concept has evolved throughout three decades of clinical experience in natural medicine. Herbario’s methodology is at the forefront of holistic skin care and dermal detoxification therapies – a unique approach to natural dermatology and aesthetic wellness.

I am a huge believer in treating the cause not just the symptoms of conditions. This facial treatment definitely delivers on all of its promises, one I would rate as one of the best facial treatments I’ve experienced.

If you want real results in your skin, especially if you’re experiencing issues with sinus and teeth grinding this treatment is what you need. Valli is easy to find on Chapel St. You can book by phoning 3 9529 6320 or email [email protected]

222 Chapel Street Prahran 3181 Victoria, Australia

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