As the autumn months roll on, I find my self working in an office…. and in the constant draft of the heating.

I noticed right away that my skin had started to dry,  I did all the usual things drinking more water, taking regular breaks outside but nothing was helping.  I also started to notice  patches of my skin were becoming red and inflamed.   I have become extremely fussy about the products that I used on my skin and go to great lengths to make sure that they are ethical and organic. So when I found “Hello I’m Roar”, I knew all my problems have been solved.

Hello Im Roar is a new Australian brand, made with only the highest grade plant based ingredients.  It also contains 100% certified organic and natural ingredients, these products are filled with rich oils and lots of antioxidants. Making them not only vegan but, also a really healthy choice to use.

I do love a face oil and serum, they both feature in my skin care routine. The Camelia Seed Detox Serum, is a light and easily absorbed in to the skin.  It’s fabulous for any skin tone issues and offers a boost of hydration.  I used it in the evening on its own and found it was really good for healing any  blemishes.  On weekends I  used it under my moisture to give my skin a much needed boost.  A few drops goes a long way  and you only need one or two drops to cover the whole face.   It’s very gentle on the skin  and is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types.  I would often use the “Radiance Mist” over the top, in the evenings to really boost the hydration.

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The “Coconut , White Oak &Jasmine”  Radiance Mist, is now a staple in my hand bag. I have often used face mist in the summer, keeping them in the fridge and using them on hot days.  I have now began to use them in the cooler month. This Radiance Mist is specifically formulated to calm the mind and the skin. The soft scent is light and feminine,  and leaves the skin hydrated and soothed. It is perfect to mist over  the face after cleansing or used to help set makeup. This face mist is really great to use thought out the day if you are going to be inside. I made an effort to spray my face servile times a day. It has become part of my daily skincare routine and in using the mist I have notice my skin soft.

Without a doubt the “Orange & Citron Vanilla” Face & Body mist” will forever live in my gym bag. This fabulous face and body mist is  perfect after any workout or yoga class.  I was using the mist as a body spray, it not only help keep my skin glowing but, it has a great fragrance. The essential oil blend is a great post exercise pick me up for the skin too. Its fabulous bright scent helps to keep you motivated and on the move thought out the day. I found my self using the mist right before the gym to help keep the my skin rehydrated while I was working out. Again its very easily absorbed into the skin and is not greasy or heavy. My skin was well hydrated and healthy even while I was workout in the gym.

The “Hello Im Roar” company offers a great range of natural products, with a great price point. This vegan range really does hydrate the skin and it smells  heavenly to.

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