Healthy Ways to Love and Nurture Your Body

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was in constant judgment of you?

Or perhaps a friend that never really listens to what you are saying but rather ignores you? Not much fun, is it? This describes the way many of us function in our relationship with our body. 

Our body is always there, contributing to us, taking care of us, making sure we get where we need to go and often times our response is judgment of how bad and wrong it is and a choice to ignore it completely. 

What if you could create a different relationship with your body; one of nurture and care? What if you began to ask your body questions and truly listen to what it has to say? 

The idea of asking your body questions and listening to what it says, is a new perspective for most of us. Growing up, there are so many points of view that are pressed upon us. What we should eat. What we shouldn’t eat. How much sleep we need. What kind of exercise we should do and how often we should do it. The list goes on and on. What if these impelled points of view are actually not true for you? And what if your body knows what it desires and requires? 

Asking your body questions about everything that concerns it is one of the best ways for you to nurture and care for your body. Rather than getting up in the morning and eating what you always eat or not eating because you’ve decided you need to lose weight and that’s how you’re going to do it, ask a question. “Body, would you like to eat?” If yes, “Body, what would you like to eat?” When you ask the question, you will have a sense of something. Go with that. 

When you are getting dressed in the morning, ask your body what it would like to wear. Whatever is the first thing to stand out, wear that. 

Asking your body about everything that concerns it is extremely simple, but it’s as dynamic a change as learning a brand new language. It’s learning your body’s language. 

You ask a question with words. Your body responds with energy. As you continue to ask, you begin to know the language of your body and what it’s saying becomes clear. Follow what your body knows, and you will have a relationship with your body that is based on nurture, kindness and care. 

Here are 5 healthy ways for you to create a relationship with your body that is based on nurture, care and the communion of asking questions: 

1. Thank your body for the gift that it is – every day 

When you wake up in the morning, rather than going into the litany of judgment of your body, take a moment to pause and say thank you. Acknowledge the gift that your body is to you. Acknowledge that it is always there for you, gifting to you, taking care of you. Express gratitude for your body every single day. 

2. Be willing to change your point of view 

To really enjoy a nurturing and caring relationship with your body, you have to be willing to let go of all of the points of view that have been impelled on you about bodies. A great way to do that is to say, “Interesting point of view. I have that point of view” whenever a point of view comes up. 

When you do this, what happens is that all of the points of view that you have bought as real and true become simply interesting. And, when a point of view is simply interesting, you can let it go. 

Why is this important? Because your point of view creates your reality. So when you are willing let go of your points of view and chose a perspective that actually works for you, you can change your reality. 

3. Allow your body to move 

Bodies like to move. What movement is fun for your body? Is it Pilates or Yoga or perhaps running or push-ups? When you move as your body desires, you become more present with your body and you and your body move together. 

4. Have fun 

Do you allow your body to have fun? Or always trying to restrict it. What if the sole purpose of life was to have fun? Would that change the way you do things? Is it fun for your body to be touched? To feel the sun on its skin? To walk with its feet in the grass? What if you allowed yourself to be happy and truly have fun? 

5. Take time every day to nurture your body 

Every day, choose at least one thing that’s nurturing for your body. Take a bubble bath. Go for a walk. Write. Dance. Ski. Play. If you don’t know what nurtures your body, ask! And ask every day because it can change. Make what is nurturing to your body a priority and choose it daily. 

Your sweet body is such a contribution to you. When you express gratitude for the gift of your body, when you honor your body by asking questions about all things that pertain to it, when you allow the fun and expression that your body truly desires, you will find more joy, more ease, more abundance and greater possibilities than you’ve ever imagined.

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Dr. Dain Heer

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