Well get ready to. I came across these sponges recently and things went ‘aha’ for me.

  • First, konjac is a plant, native to Indonesia, but it’s been popular in Japan for some long time.
  • Second, it’s edible. Aren’t all the best beauty products? There seems to be wisdom to the idea that what we put on ourselves and in ourselves should not be all that different.
  • Third, it’s affordable. Yep, the price of a Kuu Konjac sponge starts at $6. Healthy, natural beauty should be accessible, in my opinion.

So yes, I tried and tested this cool little sponge that doubles in size when wet. Is it life changing? Nope, but it doesn’t mean it’s not an awesome add-on to your natural beauty arsenal. It’s not abrasive at all, and like a cross between a sea sponge and a real solid jelly just like mum used to make (actually, it was dad in my family, but you get the idea). It’s brilliant for gently but thoroughly wiping off makeup, applying a face cleanser (it really gives you lather) or just refreshing your face with water. Beaut!

So it ticks all the boxes of sustainability and being free from nasties. But here’s the kicker, the veg is naturally alkaline and that helps balance skin pH (yep, we’ve been hearing about that for a while now) – so it’s not just giving a good clean, it’s helping to heal and protect the barrier function too, without even adding products into the mix. That’s the ‘aha’ of natural beauty.

Kuu Konjac

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