Gwinganna is a retreat I’m sure you would have heard of.

Personally, I’ve been familiar with the retreat for quite a few years and am even friends with one of the amazing therapists that work there.

Gwinganna is not a just a typical spa resort. Offering more than a dozen different program options, Gwinganna is recognised as being one of the most innovative wellness destinations in Australia. Programs range from a two night Wellness Weekend through to a seven night Detox. Specialty retreats are also offered that focus on stress, nutrition, women’s health, sleep or mindfulness.

Gwinganna Lifestyle Resort

Gwinganna Lifestyle Resort

7 nights – Gwinganna Detox

The Rolls Royce of lifestyle retreats, this popular program has an added focus on liver function. It is designed to provide a safe and balanced way to allow your body to rest and renew.

Our delicious organic meals include seafood, chicken and vegetarian choices to inspire your taste buds and satisfy healthy appetites. The key wellness seminars will provide you with a clearer understanding of your body’s needs and guide you toward improved health and wellness.

5 nights – Optimum Wellbeing

Our five-day stay will help you balance your lifestyle with a guided approach to movement, options suitable for every body and plenty of time to rest.

Choose from an extensive range of spa and wellness services with delicious organic cuisine and our essential wellness seminars. Let us help you achieve greater health with less stress.

2 nights – Wellness Weekend

A restorative weekend package blending spa, movement and relaxation with delicious organic cuisine in an exclusive low-tech environment. Even a short dose of rest and relaxation plays a vital role in your wellbeing; boost your energy levels with this easy escape.

They also offer other retreats specifically designed to common lifestyle pain points:

  • Women’s Discovery
  • Nourishing You
  • ‘Triple S’ – sleep, sugar, stress
  • Organic Living
  • Chill Out Weekend
  • Optimal Qi
Paul A, Broben/

Paul A, Broben/

A diverse range of therapy options include nutritionist, naturopath, successful ageing analysis, Traditional Chinese Medicine, counseling and The Journey. Live blood analysis plus a range of private sessions including yoga, Kinesis, personal training, Pilates and meditation.

The property also has two infinity edge heated swimming pools featuring Enviroswim chemical free water treatment system, guest lounge with open fireplace, dining room with outdoor deck, group fitness studio, sauna, fully equipped gymnasium and personal training centre with Kinesis and Pilates, indoor cycling studio, tennis courts, outdoor amphitheatre with fireplace, Mind Body Pavilion, seminar room, Spa Sanctuary, 16 bush walking tracks and hikes and the spectacular Yoga Deck offering views from Moreton Bay to Coolangatta. There is also a boutique Store on site, all of these facilities offer everything you would need during your stay. +61 (0)418757727 +61 (0)418757727

Each day begins early with Qi Gong (Tai Chi) and is followed by options including Pilates, yoga, meditation, indoor cycling, resistance training, dance, aqua classes, deep water running, cricket, tennis, scenic bushwalks, hikes. Specialty options include garden tours and organic cooking demonstrations. A key inclusion are the wellness seminars providing the latest research and health information.


Each afternoon during your stay you are invited to switch off and embrace one of the fundamental elements of better wellbeing: strategic rest. This is called Gwinganna Dreamtime. This is your time to stop, rest and relax.

Spa Deck evening

This space in the day has been created for you to choose what you need most.

Maybe it’s taking a nap or a swim or some time to read a book. Maybe it’s just lying on the grass, feeling the clean mountain air on your skin, watching the clouds go by and listening to the wildlife who share this land. Maybe something more creative and draw, paint or write, or just enjoy the opportunity to be still and quiet. The choice is yours. The options are plentiful.

During each Dreamtime, you can also take advantage of the diverse and extensive array of experts and therapists who work with us to further enhance your stay. From soothing spa therapies, to wellness consultations, balanced movement programs and stress management sessions, these can help you customise your Gwinganna experience each time you visit. On offer is a selection of unique Gwinganna experiences for something a little out of the ordinary. Let the expert staff advise and recommend what can support you, connecting you with professional experienced therapists and practitioners to find solutions and ideas on how to bring holistic wellness into your life. My personal favourite treatment is the Rockupuncture, a must do experience of acupuncture and hot stone massage that is the ultimate relaxation experience! All the spa treatments on offer use the best organic products to revive your skin, body and soul.


To book your retreat, head over to Gwinganna’s website and choose a retreat that’s tailored for you.

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