Founder of Goodness Gracious Health, Grace Miano is a degree-qualified and accredited Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

Her special interest areas are fertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, birth, infants and children.

Having experienced fertility issues and two miscarriages of her own, Grace is particularly passionate about helping women achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy to term, and in supporting mum and baby in the postnatal period; whether that includes help with constipation, energy, sleep, feeding, eczema, allergies, intolerances, both through Nutritional Medicine, and Infant Massage Instruction.
Grace believes health begins before conception, and her approach is evidence-based, whilst remaining holistic. She focuses on using food as medicine, along with prescriptive advice tailored to suit each individual’s needs. Grace is also an experienced speaker and enjoys delivering talks and workshops in health, nutrition and infant massage.

What is it you like best about practicing Nutritional Medicine?

I am fascinated about the use of food as medicine. It’s not just a fuel source; we can actually use specific foods for healing and treating specific conditions. I think that’s pretty amazing! I also love that my work is based on a very holistic philosophy – looking at the whole person, not just separate body systems or symptoms. The way that everything interconnects and impacts each other is the basis of how I work to identify the root cause of issues, and then work on that cause, rather than only bandaid the symptoms. It’s very rewarding to help clients learn about what is happening in their bodies and work towards improved quality of life.

Tell us more about how you treat women in your speciality area of fertility and pregnancy?

I am very passionate about the whole journey from preconception to postnatal care, and there is so much that can be done to improve health and experiences along the way, for both mother and baby. I have particular interest in miscarriage and pregnancy loss also, due to experiencing my own miscarriages. There is a need out there for health services that are understanding and supportive of what women are going through throughout this entire journey to motherhood, and can educate, guide, and support her wishes in a holistic way, supportive of her desires and wishes for herself and baby. This empowerment of women’s choice is lacking, unfortunately, in some other areas.

When a woman comes in to see me, we work together to uncover any areas that need work. Sometimes that is obvious, such as someone wishing to increase their fertility and conceive, or to heal after pregnancy loss, but sometimes it isn’t so obvious and may just be a seemingly well pregnant woman who just wants support throughout her pregnancy. We will monitor how she’s going and provide advice and solutions for anything that arises. And we know that during pregnancy there is much that can arise! Fatigue, swelling, constipation, haemorrhoids, preventing complications such as pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes. What mother eats is extremely important! We make sure her diet is set up to provide the best for herself and baby, as well as prescribe any required supplements, and make lifestyle changes to ensure no major issues. I am very supportive of a woman’s birth choice, and we will work towards ensuring that everything remains as low risk as possible (together with her maternity care providers). I am also a huge advocate for breastfeeding, and will support a new mother to ensure she is getting all the help she needs to be able to provide this nourishment for her baby for as long as she chooses. With babies, it’s all about ensuring adequate nutrition, milestones, and treating anything that pops up, such as wind, colic, eczema, allergies, or intolerances. I also teach infant massage to parents to help with all of these things, which aligns very well with nutritional medicine.

What advice would you give to people seeking optimal health?

Find your team. As a health practitioner myself, I have my own professionals that I go to see as regularly as required in order to ensure optimal health for myself. It’s a wonderful thing to have a team behind you that supports you. A good health practitioner should not only provide you the support and care you need, but also educate you and guide you to take control of taking care of your own needs as much as possible. I guess my background in education stays with me and I abide by the philosophy of ‘doctor as teacher’!

As a start, I recommend starting by doing a few small things at a time that will eventually become habit. Firstly, reduce the packets and premade/refined foods that you buy. Anything you can make yourself at home is a hundred times better than buying it at the supermarket. Next, try to get some vegetables (including something green) into every meal, sip pure, filtered water all throughout your day. Ensure some protein and healthy fats are a part of all of your meals and snacks, limit refined carbohydrates and sugars, and eat medicinal amounts of meat. If you are vegetarian or vegan, it is especially important to monitor your protein vs carbohydrate intake, as it is very easy to fall into a lot of bread and pasta. Also important – get outside as often as possible, including time in the sun and in nature. Stress is also huge, and limiting stress by changing some circumstances, meditation and breathing, exercise, getting good quantity and quality of sleep, and making sure to do things regularly that bring you joy are extremely important. Beyond this general advice it really comes down to an individual’s needs, and that’s where additional support with someone like me is crucial. None of this is rocket science, but sometimes we need to hear it many times before we start doing it!

• Bachelor of Health Science(Nutritional Medicine)
• Certified Infant Massage Instructor
• Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
• Post Graduate Certificate in Education
• Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

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