Authenticity – and how to find a psychic who is professional…

The simplest rule of thumb in selecting the right psychic for you is to listen to your own instincts. We all have instinct, and it tells us that the creepy guy is creepy and not to get in the lift with him. Instinct can also help us find good things, not just avoid danger. So if you feel comfortable and drawn to a particular psychic, listen to that, and listen to them, but always take your common sense along for the ride. And listen to the lessons you might get not just from the reading content, but from the experience with them. They are only mirroring you after all.

My passion in my work as a psychic medium and spiritual teaching professional since 1995 has always been about empowering people to live their best life. To help them find peace and love. It’s been a life mission and one I was strongly reminded of in a drowning accident at age 5, when in a near death experience, and while in a comatose state for two days following it.

It’s all about dedication to one’s craft

Psychics who have a dedication to this path won’t always have an amazing back story like mine. They may not come from generations of psychics in the family like I have. But all genuine and helpful psychics will have client welfare at the forefront of their heart and work. They won’t try taking advantage of your connections with important people in your first or any other future readings with them.

We also don’t try selling you a vacuum cleaner

Good psychics don’t need to sell products not related to their services. If they do sell products they will be related to their services. And, they will give you the space to decide what you would like to utilize. They won’t “hard sell” a vacuum cleaner, because that really sucks.

They also won’t tell you that your heart chakra is 84% closed and that you are only able to give out 17% love. Instead they will be able to perform at least basic math. They won’t also then go tell your friend the same thing 5 minutes later, while trying to sell both of you the psychic equivalent of a non-functioning vacuum cleaner.

They also won’t then tell you that because your heart is closed you need healing from them – and only them. And then they also won’t later tell you it’s all your fault if your “ills” unsurprisingly aren’t instantaneously cured, with a wave of their magic hands. The hands of that type of person may be expensive hands. They are not the hands of a psychic, especially if they also try to convince you that you need to pay them another $2000 to fix more things you didn’t know even existed after the first things they said they fixed weren’t. Avoid those people, they don’t speak for my profession.

About the only thing someone like that is fixing for you is to make your finances shrink, and for the field of psychics to forever be tainted with questions about people like that. It is the stuff that causes me to yet again think about living in a mud brick house about 300 kilometres from the nearest capital city in whichever state or territory that is far, far, away from people like that, with not much more than a veggie patch, and a ping pong table rested against the wall and the company of a goat, a horse and a chicken and my family of course.

If you work in media or film, they also won’t start drawing on your resources and connections, Therefore they won’t say that the meeting must have been “destined” because they have been told by spirit that a film producer would come their way for a reading and would be destined to work with them on a project that features them as the lead or focal point in the film. A genuine psychic may have many clients from many industries including film and entertainment, and won’t take advantage.

Keeping it real – relinquishing control of readings

One of the key ways in which I practice authenticity in my readings for clients is to allow booked clients to pay for the time of the reading they are happy with. I am not controlling them or what we do in their session, except for holding a clear space and very clear boundaries for the purpose of mutual comfort and to produce the best results possible.

My website clearly states that the first few minutes with me are obligation free and they only pay from that point for the amount of time they use and can stop me at any time. While I do take booking deposits to secure appointments, it’s completely refundable on the spot if they don’t like me in the first few minutes. That is reiterated in calls with booking staff, confirmation messages and at the start of new client bookings. I emphasise they can and should ask about or challenge what I am saying at the time of their appointment if they feel the need, as I won’t recall a thing once they have left.

After the first few minutes we cover questions and areas they want, completing each area one by one, until the hour is up and they feel complete, rather than a roller coaster ride of wherever that psychic might be comfortable going, and not getting the time to ask what they really wanted to. I considered that, and wanted to make readings more user friendly and accessible for them, by making my work quite direct and grounded.

Honesty is at the heart of readings

It’s an interesting symbiotic prospect to consider that if you can lie to the psychic they aren’t the one for you. It follows that if you lied to them and they caught you out, you might not be the client they chose to continue helping.

The flip side of truth is that, to quote Oscar Wilde, “If you are going to tell people the truth, make them laugh or they will kill you.” Sometimes, truth needs careful, thoughtful, and though provoking delivery in order for it not to be completely rejected with a vengeance. Sometimes daring to expose a sore point that needed to be dealt with can be cathartic but not if the client didn’t like that it could be seen. That is why truth is important but making it comfortable to deal with is also equally important.

I prefer clients who are honest with themselves first of all about what they are hearing, and then also with me…because honesty is what real readings are all about.

Sometimes, I have responded with, “Now that’s not quite how it happened is it?” While smiling, and watched them turn a bright share of “I am embarrassed because you are right,” after they have said something that didn’t feel right.

Preparing for a session

Prepare ahead and think about what you actually want to get out of your reading and have questions, dates of birth or photos ready, and a purpose in being there.

Often clients forget how easily they can go blank about dates of birth of people close to them in the middle of an info packed session. I tend to give lots of information quickly and in great detail. It can be a lot to take in and absorb later, which is why recording the readings you have is also really helpful. It also clarifies what was actually said.

Also extremely helpful is not being in a massive rush before and after your appointment, it does affect your energy, and it’s your energy the psychic is going to be reading off. Try to give yourself extra time to get to the booking, and try to take a gentle walk in nature, sit on the beach, or have some ‘you time’ afterwards. Maybe, don’t be about to go to a university exam straight after.

If you feel anxious and fearful of the psychic, that fear may be about what they might say, and you shouldn’t book. It doesn’t make them bad. However, if they really are bad, I am sure you will end up hearing lots about them from lots of other people over time. Especially post on if they all separately describe the same routine pattern of behaviour from that person and it has nothing to do with readings and everything to do with selling stuff, possibly vacuum cleaners.

Don’t overshare

There is preparing and then there is oversharing.

A long conversation with the psychic can negate the very purpose of having a reading. I can learn a lot about a client in half a minute, including as to whether it will be a pleasure to provide them a reading or whether they really are just too open about themselves and there is now no point accepting their request as it’s no longer a reading because I know too much about them. That is why I don’t take my own booking calls. I do need to remain fresh for the actual reading. So, please, don’t let us know too much about you, you may think you haven’t said much.

Most genuine psychics will refuse your booking if you overshare. This is why I and some other psychic mediums like me have a receptionist take their bookings, firstly because we can’t keep up with the phone calls, and secondly so we know nothing about you before your appointment except your name and mobile number.

Proof is in the pudding

If you feel the need to speak directly with the psychic before the booking and ask them to prove themselves to you over the phone, especially if, after being told that the first few minutes of any new client reading are obligation free… You probably should instead consider going to see them when they appear at a public event. I appear regularly at public events and give free audience readings where people can see my skills at work in person. Or perhaps you could try listening to their radio show if, like me they have one, where they are giving live readings free to callers from around the world.

I remember one guy asked if he could video the reading, from the angle of watching his facial expressions during the reading. Given that I look around the room and above the client into their aura a lot, and do not rely on facial reactions in a reading at all in any way, I offered to go one better. I offer him to have his reading over the phone, where I could not even see his face and he could video himself reacting to the reading that I do for him from another location. Humour helps in my profession.

Reviewing reviews

Don’t go just to a psychic because of reviews. But if you doubt the genuine reviews they have, don’t book, you aren’t open to them. The reviews will be genuine when their website offers that you can make a time to see hard copies of reviews that have been sent in by clients over the years – without even booking a reading. I offer this, you can check out for yourself the hand written reviews and see for yourself that they are in different hand writing, different writing styles, over varying points in time. Also, if the psychic doesn’t ask for reviews to be written at the conclusion of their reading for you, on the spot, this is a good sign. It means that most or all their other reviews were unsolicited too.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Aretha Franklin said it best, and we all need respect, equally.

To me, it’s important that clients feel equality in the session, where both reader and client have equal footing, equal respect, equal say, and equal choice to be there and to continue for as long as they both like up to an hour.

Treat the psychic with the same equality, and respect you expect from them. Go to a psychic because you felt drawn, safe, and comfortable, and you can respect that person. If a psychic answers your questions don’t trying to change their answers by repeating the same question in a multitude of different ways in hopes of changing the answer or to see if they are still giving them the same information no matter how you put it. Most times, the psychic will reply that they have already answered that, and will ask if they want something else covered.

Space your readings out

Don’t try to book every other week, to see every other psychic for entertainment value. Avoid booking with whomever you can get an appointment with on the spot. Instead, only have readings as needed. May be find the psychic you are happy with and stick with them most of the time. If seeking out other psychics, and other readings, have space between bookings.

Try to space any readings out at least six months apart, not six months per reader with many different readers.

Reasonable expectations

Once a lady came to me and wanted me to find her missing parrot, make contact with 20 passed over people, and solve her relationship issues. Only 5 of the pictured people which she knew.

15 of the photographs also contained many other people, and I had to “guess” which person in the picture was the one she wanted to contact in each of 15 pictures with groups of people in them. She didn’t know 15 of the 20 people she wanted contacted well enough to confirm or deny anything I might say about them. She also wanted it all done in under an hour, but asked if I could do it “in less than 30 minutes as (she) didn’t want to spend too much money.”

I had it on authority from her passed over uncle that she had already booked to see another medium for a reading for the next day. And, that she made the booking as she drove to the appointment with me as she came down the hill in her ute.

I didn’t bother to advise her of the wonders of hands-free dialling and the legalities around phones and driving. I figured she wouldn’t get the joke.

It’s important to have reasonable expectations of what can be achieved in one hour.

Most psychics also, sleep at night. 3am might not be the best time for you to send that message, or call a psychic who works by appointment.

Sometimes people have called me rude for replying that I couldn’t fit them in for 3 x 1 hour appointments this “afternoon,” when they have called me at 7:30pm, after I have already finished for the day and not even at the location they wanted to come to that day. It’s another reason my sense of humour is quite unique, and further explains why I have a receptionist these days.

If you just turn up on a whim, don’t think there’s something wrong with the psychic if they weren’t ready to give you your reading when you arrived because you felt it was destiny for you to arrive then and there… Like some people have.

In all cases of that, I have been busy in an appointment for someone else who also felt destined to see me at that precise time, date, and location too, except 2 days to 2 months ago they booked an appointment. But, at least the receptionists at my office are more than happy to book you in, for a later date.

But, if by some weird chance a person actually arrived at whichever one of my three permanent locations I could be at on any given day at the precise time that suddenly became available, I would of course assist them if it felt right.

If you are refused

Not many people are refused a reading. And not everyone takes polite refusal terribly well. If I refuse a client, it is always quite telling if they later send vindictive messages that are way out of context from a polite refusal. There can be a myriad of reasons a psychic refuses, it doesn’t mean they think you are a bad person. It could be you have had too many readings lately. It could be you aren’t ready to see them, you doubt them, you have not been truthful, or you don’t have a focal reason for having a reading or aren’t going with the right intentions, may be you needed more time first.

Psychics are a personal service. Just like getting dance instruction, or any other service. You have the choice as to whom you approach, they have the choice to accept or decline your request. Service businesses are run by humans. They are not like static products that have a uniform packaging and are expected to perform in exactly the same fashion for each and every person around the world who uses that product at will. But then there aren’t reliable products that do readings without your focal, human and spiritual, sensitive input.

If you are happy, tell the psychic

And if you are not happy, tell the psychic. The best thing in dealing with psychics is that genuine psychics will care about how you are doing, and we care about how you feel about what we have done for you.

We care about rational discussion and feedback. And while we may well have limited time, we respond to genuine communication as times allows.

While many people will call me their friend after having 1 professional reading with me, I know and respect the boundaries and limits of this work with clients and stick to that.

We may well have courses and classes you can attend and learn a lot from, but we won’t push you into anything. A good psychic will let you be you, and won’t judge you while they help you achieve the best outcomes for your life. They can help you see things in a way you might not have considered before, and that new perspective can open up all kinds of positive opportunities for you in life, and in self- development.


And that is why I do this work, to help people to help themselves.

May you find what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner, there are plenty of outlets that specialise in that. But for readings, you can always look me up, or anyone in my field, just please only approach those you feel drawn to. And begin by listening to yourself



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