Things move slower on the south coast of NSW.

Banniesters Point Lodge

This popular tourist spot has been gaining popularity for over a decade now and jewel in the crown is Bannisters Point Lodge. Taking advantage of being back in my home town for a week I thought it was time to check out what was new and wasn’t I impressed! Things have certainly been progressing for the lodge including a restaurant by celebrity chef Rick Stein, plus of course the first class day spa with their very own spa collection Pinnacle, which is hand made locally. Based on aromatherapy and all natural ingredients this is a beautifully thought out spa collection providing beautiful treatments and take home products.

I was fortunate enough to experience a spa treatment, the wattle body scrub. A huge fan of wattle I was excited to experience their unique treatment.

I started by warming my body in the steam room for 20 minutes to relax, warm the muscles and detox. The scrub was very relaxing and invigorating with the cooling sensation of the eucalyptus in the scrub. A scalp massage finishes off this beautiful treatment before the scrub is showered off and I applied a beautiful softening body lotion. My skin was left feeling smooth and supple.

Finishing my day with a late lunch in the pool bar overlooking the amazing ocean made it complete!

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Wanting to find out more about the collection, I spoke to manager Tahlia to find out more about their signature products.

Tell me a little about the spa collection.

The pinnacle spa lifestyle range was designed with our clients’ needs in mind. Too many people come through our doors suffering many ailments from long hours at work and little time for themselves. The pinnacle spa lifestyle range can easily be incorporated into a busy lifestyle daily, to cultivate a feeling of wellbeing and provide well needed escape. Pinnacle products help to eliminate the side effects of a fast paced life, such as mental and emotional stress, digestive complaints, exhaustion, fatigue, headaches and muscular aches and pains.

What made you decide to make your own spa collection?

As a professional I wanted something that I could recommend that would alleviate the many levels of stress symptoms that I see daily. Something I would feel 1OO% confident in. I can now; I know exactly what is in the product, the quality and the exact percentage of ingredients in the product. I know they have adequate levels of Aromatherapy oils and active plant extracts to be of real benefit.

What was the inspiration behind the blends?

Our Paperbark body range was inspired by the botanical gifts that we have in this beautiful country, potent and unique extracts and essences that are now becoming the most sought after for their many properties. The Australian climate is unique, so many skincare brands are developed for the European climate not the Australian Climate. What better way to protect ourselves from the harsh Australian environment than to learn from the First Australian peoples and how they use and respect our indigenous flora.

Our Aromatherapy range came from listening to our guests concerns and needs, what scents they loved, what scents they disliked and what they needed therapeutically for mind, body and spirit.

Is there a philosophy behind the products to fit in with the south coast feel?

We are so blessed to live in such a pristine environment with clean fresh air, beautiful views and a relaxed lifestyle. I wanted to be able to deliver the serenity of coastal life to city dwellers by bottling pure Australian Essential Oils and Extracts to deliver a relaxed state of mind in even the busiest of cities.

Do you use local materials?

All of our eye pillows and heat packs are hand made from a local organic lavender farm, our candles are hand poured locally using 100% soy wax, our herbal teas are hand blended using 100% organic Australian herbs by a tea artisan in Melbourne. Our Paperbark range is made using all Australian cold pressed vegetable oils, Australian plant extracts and Australian Essential Oils.

Are the products suited to any particular age group?

The products are designed for those who need to take time out for themselves, incorporate spa rituals at home to reconnect and develop a little ‘me time’ regardless of Age.

Do you stock any other locations or is it only available exclusively at Bannisters?

As a professional product, the pinnacle spa lifestyle range is available exclusively at Bannisters and can be ordered through our website or via email [email protected]

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