A book published by Shannah and Lyndall, The Essentialists are internationally acclaimed educators of life and wellness skills.

Dubbed the Thelma & Louise of wellness, Shannah and Lyndall between them have more than three decades of presenting and executive coaching experience across public and corporate sectors globally. Shannah and Lyndall work with a diverse range leaders and levels from CEO’s, management executives, entrepreneurs, sporting leaders including Olympians and many people in between to empower and educate.

There is a reason companies like Google, Nike and Apple are embracing wellness and lifeskills as a tool for reducing stress in their companies. They have realized the detrimental impact stress has on the efficiency and health of their staff. For people globally, it is time to educate them, to bring them back to some form of self care and reduce the burden on our health and corporate investments. Shannah and Lyndall educate and inspire their audiences to take control of their health and ultimately their happiness by implementing and committing to what it essential.

How the book came together:

Shannah and I met when our oldest children (we both have two children, similar ages) were going to into prep. Actually it was over the swings that we first chatted and quickly established that we were both working mums and there was a synchronicity in what we were both doing. Over the years our friendship developed and we said one day we will work together when the time is right. Shannah had been working solo for the last 10 years coaching and speaking and was ready to have someone to bounce ideas off, travel and share in the vision. I had been focused on building and growing the Aurora Spa Group for the last 18 years to 4 spa locations and distribution of the ASPAR spa product range as well as coaching and was I was also ready to evolve and grow myself.

We both constantly witnessed high achievers with no plan, no self-care, and no life strategy and on the brink of burnout. I had seen thousands of people of the years in retreats and in my spas that were overwhelmed, overworked and overscheduled, a modern day norm that is not sustainable or desirable for most. This provided the inspiration to start sharing the skills to live life in a more productive, effective and healthier way.

In 2014 we started presenting together to small groups with our combined experience and knowledge, the best of both worlds really! It was so much fun to share the stage and to be doing this with such a great friend. Travelling became fun and we started to think about this on a larger scale. We then created a 2 hour workshop called Masterclass of Wellness. This 2 hour workshop was instantly popular and we found ourselves presenting regularly in corporate boardrooms across Australia and on national tours for major global corporate companies. We really do bring the retreat to the boardroom.

After presenting our workshop so many people would talk to us and share the changes the will make to their lives and they wanted a book to continue with. After hearing the requests we decided it was time, time to consolidate our knowledge and share this with the world.

The process started when we were travelling, every week we would pour out our thoughts, before speaking we would workshop ideas in boardrooms, wherever we had spare time we would continue the steady stream of ideas for the book. We would always ask ourselves “what is essential?” “What is essential to thrive at work?” What is essential for the work life blend?” With this in the forefront of our minds we created 16 chapters of life skills to help inspire and empower individuals with the tools to make the best choices for their health, wealth and life moving forward.

Over the past two years we have written, edited, tweaked, refined, styled and gathered all things essential to bring the book to life. We have written the book in bite size chunks so you can implement the skill and make notes in the book. It is your handbook for life, you can re-read, refer back to it and keep it next to your bed to remind you of the essential skills to thrive in your life with calm confidence.

We hope that many people read, share and implement the skills to thrive. Also we hope that you love the book as much as we do.



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