Four Ways To Love Yourself First, This Love Month

Love isn’t just an outward gesture, it is a fluid movement between others and ourselves, yet why is it so easy to love each other and not who we are as individuals?

Understanding that everyone is a ‘work in progress’ is the key to not getting caught up in the messy ideas in our heads. It’s easier said than done isn’t it? It’s a process; through constant self care actions and decisions to remind ourselves who we are and what we stand for.

It’s easy to focus on the superficial ideals in our society such as looking our best and being the best. The only problem is, that’s an unattainable goal. Accepting who you are, whatever stage of life you may be in, will make all the difference. It all comes down to loving yourself.

This month, think about who you are. You may be celebrating it with your significant other or by yourself, with your best friend or at work. Wherever you are, take a moment to thank yourself for who you are and don’t forget to take some me time!

If you’re one to look after others before yourself, be working way too hard or simply want some time to ground your mind body and soul, here are four ways to add to your self love regime this February!

1. Take a bath

There’s nothing better than filling up your bathtub and having a soak- what better way to sit back and relax. The Rose Wellness Soak from Soak Society is a must have for Valentines day, where rose petals and oils, beautiful Kaolin clay and pink Himalayan salt will make you feel all kinds of love with skin softening properties sure to impress you! It’s so important to pamper yourself- to let yourself know you’re worthy of being looked after.

2. Meditate

This may sound crazy, but trust me! When I’m in a weird headspace or need grounding I always find meditating puts things into perspective. The great thing about this is you can channel your thoughts into positive energy. The month of February can be lonely for some and even if it’s not, try sending positive thoughts to others. Close your eyes, sit in whatever position is comfortable and breathe. By doing this you can then focus on the important things. I find sending positivity to loved ones is great. Another tip is to think about all the great things you have accomplished, what you have achieved and the things you love about yourself!

3. Positive thinking

The law of attraction is a way to help achieving your goals! Through manifesting your aspirations in a positive way you are able to put them out into the world to therefore (through hard work!) achieve just that! Don’t put yourself down and instead channel your thoughts into motivation, positive energy and meditation. An example of this is self love. Don’t deconstruct yourself into your flaws but think about the things you love about yourself! Try and talk about yourself only in a positive way and soon enough you will feel it. This technique can be used in many situations such a work, relationships, and basically any goal you have!

I know, it sounds a bit unattainable but give it a go and see what happens, you never know!

4. Treat yourself

If you’re crazy about online shopping but never get further than adding to your cart, if you’ve missed dessert for months, haven’t taken a day off for way too long or even just feel in need of treating yourself, Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse! Why not treat yourself instead? Because you deserve that piece of cake, those cute shoes and some time off! Don’t feel the need to buy someone else a give because whom you are is more than enough!

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