Feel More Energised For Summer With An Infra-Red Sauna Program

A natural, pain free way to help anyone look and feel better from the inside out, is the Infra-red sauna.

Infra-red sauna helps the develop the capillary network, making it fantastic for wound healing, reducing scars, reducing aches and pain, and overall detoxing. It also successful in treating psoriasis and weight loss.

According to Founder of Cosmedic Professionals Rita Porecca, each sauna session is 30 to 40 minutes long, and costs $40 per session but packages make it more cost effective.

The detox process in an infra-red sauna is up to 10 tums more than a traditional sauna, as the body sweats more at an infra-red sauna temperature, though it feels at least 60% lower than a standard sauna. As the core temperature is raised slowly, a deep purification take place while you sit back and relax.

It can take a few sessions to get more of a deep sweat, which is perfectly normal as your body begins the detox process but the metabolism does increase and calories are burned from the first session.

“Many clients like to use the infra-red sauna once week or even up to three times a week for faster results, depending on their wellbeing concerns. They report having more energy and a sense of general wellbeing immediately after the first session with no down time or side effects,” she said.

The sauna works via infrared energy that warms you inside out as your body temperature increases. That is where the body’s detox process begins. Infrared therapy brings about a significant rise in the level of growth hormones that helps to maintain lean body tissue, including muscle. A 30minute session burns up to 1000 calories depending on the client’s size and physical condition.

Unlike damaging UV rays, the infra-red light is part of the sun’s visible light spectrum that naturally heals our bodies. The sauna converts this light into heat for the skin to soak up in a private, dry sauna cubicle.

“The heat penetrates the skins and gets deeply into the tissue, to help speed up its repair and eliminate toxins that have built up. It is one of the best ways to provide clients with the infrared heat in a concentrated way.”

Pregnant women are advised to avoid saunas but other than this, Cosmedic Professionals recommends it for women and men of all ages.

Rita Porecca