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Dermal Therapies Clinic


Bachelor of Health Science (Dermal Therapies) from Victoria University


A triple-blend of exfoliants, carefully chosen to address your specific skin concerns

Cutera’s Laser Genesis







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Signature Dermal Therapy Treatment.

I was lucky enough to experience James Vivian Dermal Therapies’ Signature Dermal Therapy Treatment. Described as: the Signature Dermal Therapy Treatment uses a combination of laser therapy, chemical peeling treatments and other topically applied active ingredients to create a radiant glow. This treatment improves texture, evens tone, brightens, plumps and hydrates, and also reduces scarring.

This treatment is perfect for a glow before a big event or just a pick me up as there is no downtime. This was my first experience with laser or IPL so I didn’t really know what to expect.

James is very welcoming as I arrive and gets me to fill out a consultation form. When we go into the treatment room we discuss my concerns further and James explains the peel and laser treatment that he’s performing today. After thoroughly cleansing my skin he has a look under the light and woods lamp to assess exactly what’s happening with my skin. I have good oil flow but am quite dehydrated, have some redness and some congestion.

Starting with a manual exfoliation followed by an enzymatic peel, my skin is degreased and extractions are performed. the laser. It’s quite comfortable just warm mostly and not that snapping feeling I have heard IPL can be, which is a pleasant surprise. I have a dialated capillary on my forehead, which is also removed by changing the paramters on the laser (which is fantastic!) A 20% lactic acid peel is then applied to the skin to create a deeper exfoliation, followed by the application of masks and serums.

The laser creates heats in the skin which calls upon the production of new collagen. This makes the treatment anti-ageing. The heat also targets scarring, facial redness and is anti-bacterial.

James recommends me a routine from several brands he stocks at the clinic to give me a bespoke curated routine specific to my skin. Cosmecutical brands are mostly derived from plant sources and most no longer contain parabens, sulfates or petro chemical derived ingredients as these ingredients don’t do the skin any favours which is not the aim of a Dermal Therapist.

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