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Before I even arrive at my appointment Asha gets me to fill out a comprehensive consultation form. As she also uses naturopathic tools as it’s vital that she knows what’s going on with my body.

When I arrive I’m greeted and offered a delicious herbal tea and we sit down to go through a comprehensive consultation, which covers both skin my and inside health. Once that’s completed I’m given a facial robe to get into and get into the facial bed.

Asha starts with a gentle cleanse and a gentle exfoliation with steam. There’s no deep exfoliation so the skin and delicate acid mantle isn’t damaged. Asha uses dermaviduals whose philosophy is to work with an ‘outside-in’ concept, to stimulate cellular change at a deeper level. Asha and her team specialize in the holistic management of Acne, Perioral Dermatitis, Rosacea and sensitive and reactive skin.

Next a bespoke serum with the vitamins my skin needs most is mixed for me (very naturopathic) and applied to the skin. Then the serum is infused deep into my skin with a setting rubberizing Algae mask (which smells amazing)!

To finish the treatment Asha performs some lymphatic drainage to decongest my skin and I can really feel some movement through my sinuses. Lymphatic drainage is great to reduce puffiness in the skin and clear your sinus and nasal passages (lymphatic technique based on Vodder technique,)

As far as my naturopathic consultation is concerned, Asha recommends me to take magnesium to assist with sleep and to calm my nervous system. For my skin I’m given a fully customized prescription which includes a gentle cleanser, a balancing mist, serums with besoke ingredients for my skin and eye areas, the dermaviduals ‘skin in a jar’ mosituriser, an SPF (essential to anti ageing) as well as a special corrective foundation. This foundation is unique to any other I’ve seen as I am colour matched in the clinic and the colour is made up especially for my skin out of a blend of 4 base colours. The foundation is blended and matched with different hues until it matches my skin perfectly.

After this beautiful treatment, my skin is plump, hydrated and glowing. As everything is customized to what my skin and body needs. I’m a huge fan of naturopaths working as beauty therapists or with beauty therapists as great skin is an inside out job for best results.

Asha can be found at The Clear Skin Expert, Ground Floor, Suite 12, 12 Collins Street, Melbourne. By appointment. Contact (03) 9013 5331.

Skype appointments available for interstate clients.

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