If you are constantly under pressure to produce good work and please others, yet neglecting yourself of enjoying life’s real treasures – like you are on auto-pilot or on demand – then I would like you to zone in for a few minutes because what I have to say will make your life just as you want it.

In a fast-paced world constantly telling us to make use of the time we have; as if we are running out of it, begs a certain discord with the substance our lives could truly have. We find ourselves in disagreement with the decisions we make under pressure, rather than making successful outcomes.   In other words, personal preferences that you wouldn’t normally choose under a rushed and stressful condition. The saying; ‘Stop and smell the roses’ comes to mind. This is a simple quote known to man for centuries, yet none of us take on the advice.

A life well lived encourages abundance, love and joy. By contrast, a life not well lived denotes failures, worries and constant disappointment. We have a choice. An inner dialogue that tells us how we are feeling upon every subject we come to focus on. This is our indicator, our navigation, our warning system, or our red flag if you like. That voice of truth, which speaks to us for the benefit of choosing the right path to work better for our experience in that very moment. Slowing down doesn’t mean forget what you have to finish off at work or at home today. It means really enjoying that moment and staying present. The only way to stay present is to take your focus away from that moment and just simply be. Acknowledge that you are not to be forced; nothing requires any thought but really a state of allowing and simply living in the moment. A rose does not think about being a rose, it simply is a rose.

Allow yourself to be in your natural state of being, simply by not giving any thought to it. No good can come from overthinking. Constant worry and thought only create more problems that aren’t even reality. Letting go and slowing down the chatter of your mind takes away the stress of life. This helps bring about a state of peace. Clears ones thoughts to make better-working and better-feeling thoughts and therefore positive action. Slowing down is as easy as breathing, which comes naturally, and without thought. In other words, slowing down and enjoying a state of being is not hard work. It feels good, and when you feel good, life works in your favour. It is our natural state of being.

Even if you dislike what you are doing, it becomes a lot easier and lively for you to experience that moment in a joyful way. Ultimately, you begin attracting what you do want, whilst forgetting about what you dislike, and therefore loving your experience. On a grander scale, continuous awareness of shifting your thoughts to what you like will transform your life in a very positive way. The importance of slowing down brings about a calmness that helps you make a better decision, which in the end serves you. Remember that any situation you are experiencing is but an attraction to what you feel and think. Happier and calming thoughts bring more of the essence of that into your life. Be aware of your decisions and your inner peaceful state.

I would like you to slow down your reading right here, right now. Notice the gentle slowing down of your breathing. Notice the relaxation of your mind as you slowly read and emerge yourself in this moment. Your focus is the only importance right now. Feel your senses as you notice your breathing and feel that peaceful calmness, almost like a tranquil wave flowing over you. Everything is in-sync now as you notice the calmness around you. This is what I mean by slowing down. You can still do everything, only this time you will excel much better, and even more now – you will enjoy the process beyond your current recognition.

Slowing down opens the door to your inner self and releases resistance to what you could have and what you want out your experiences. And as you do, you will enjoy life more, and as you will feel better, you will start to notice everything around you is now working for you rather than against you. Health, prosperity, and the relationships you have, and all other situations in life dramatically improve instantaneously. You unlock the power to transform any experience you think may not be serving you. Better still, you have the power to transform any situation that is not currently serving you. Slowing down gives you access to your inner being. An intelligence that is inherently yours. By virtue, you make better-feeling thoughts and action to better-feeling situations. Therefore a greater life experience that you once only dreamt of, now to a full-scale reality.

Anastasia Panourakis
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