I came across Espavita® early this year on a trip to Sydney.

Espavita® is giving one lucky reader the opportunity to experience one month’s Lifestyle Membership as listed above (for Sydney readers only) valued at $99.95 but includes over $800 worth of treatment value.
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When I walked in the staff we’re very friendly and helpful offering a tour of the facility and explained how this unique spa works. The therapist explained to me that Espavita® provides a Unique Sensory Relaxation Experience. They do this to be engaging all 5 senses the second you walk through the door.


You are greeted with their aromatherapy scent designed to begin the relaxation process (smell) then the sound of the music and trickle of water continues to relax (sound). The texture and colours in the spa are designed to enhance the relaxation (sight), the touch of the therapy (touch) and finally the Espavita® custom made chocolate at the end which has been infused with one of the core aromatherapy ingredients from your massage (taste) completes the unique sensory relaxation experience.

I was treated to experience Hydrovita – Massage Experience. The bed looked very unique and I was intrigued to try it.

For Fifteen minutes, laying on the bed the combination of warm water and unique rotating jets, penetrated deep into the tissue layers massaging my body from head to toe, stimulating my metabolism & circulation, relaxing the muscles & releasing tension.

The Spa canopy ionises the ambient air while the relaxation music, coloured light, red light therapy & aroma engages all of the senses.

I literally felt like I was floating and it achieved it’s promise for complete relaxation in just 15 minutes. This is something I would be doing every week if I lived closer! A quick 15 minute relax and switch off that leaves you feel revitalised is just the down time stressed, over worked, busy city dwellers need. No good doing it once a year when you go on holidays and wait for full spa treatments, this is effective spa relaxation delivered fast!


Espavita® identified there are 4 main reasons (outcomes) people visit a Spa. To Relax, Purify, Balance or Revitalise and all of their treatments fall under one of these main outcomes. This way they can dynamically select the most appropriate treatment based on the member/guests main outcome. The journey is then customised with appropriate oils, treatment and chocolate to enhance the effectiveness of the desired outcome. You feel this attention to detail as soon as you arrive at the spa.

They have created a unique way of customising the entire Spa Experience so you leave with the Outcome you need and desire the most to Relax / Purify / Balance or Revitalise.

You choose which one relates to you and the idea is that the results are dynamic and will differ from day to day.

The key is to determine which outcome address’s the way you are feeling now:

Relax treatments help with

  • stress and tension
  • minor aches & pains
  • if you need time out to reset
  • Occasional trouble sleeping

Purify treatments help if

  • you have been unwell in the past 2 months
  • you have muscle aches
  • your’e low on energy
  • you are experiencing oily, overactive or blemished skin
  • you want to reduce the signs of sun damaged skin and ageing

Balance treatments help when

  • you exercise but don’t recover well (and you don’t balance exercise with yoga/stretching or massage)
  • you need more Hydration for your skin
  • you get Head Aches

Revitalise treatments help if

  • you have had tension and neck/shoulder/back pain in the past 12 months
  • you have pain in the joints or muscle soreness
  • you may exercise but want quicker recovery times
  • you have injuries that are slow to recover
  • you work in an office all day or lead a more sedentary lifestyle
  • you have had recent surgery
  • you need to re-energise

You the select the outcome that resonates with you and best describes what you need today, and the team at Espavita® are there to help guide you through the process.


It is recommended that you start with the 105min Signature Treatment as it will give you a complete experience that’s truly customised to help you achieve any of the outcomes above.

It’s then important to consider a regular treatment plan to continue improving your Health & well-being which will reduce any trips to the Physio, Chiro & Doctor in the future.

The best way to do this is through an Espavita® Membership. I was really excited about these memberships, joining a spa just like you would a gym, but much less hard work!

Latest research shows that Australia leads the world in stress and anxiety with rates that have risen by 40% over the last 6 years. Given that 38% of people suffer from work related stress and anxiety to a point where it severely hampers their productivity & energy levels Espavita® wanted to create Membership program which helps to minimise Stress and Improve Health & Wellbeing through regular Massage or Facials, Infrared Saunas, Hydrovita Massages & more. The below lifestyle membership support your wellbeing around your core monthly treatments like massage and facials. This is designed to give you that ongoing effective treatment of stress above and beyond one treatment a month.

For example their Lifestyle Membership below:

Lifestyle Membership is just $99.95 and gives you over $800 worth of services which include;

✓ 60min Massage OR Facial (with a Choice of 6 Massage Types or 4 Facial Types depending on your selected outcome)

✓ 8 x 30min Infrared Saunas

✓ Unlimited x 15min Hydrovita Massage Experiences

✓ Selection of over 20 premium teas and a custom made chocolate to match your outcome on every visit

✓ 10% off any retail items for the month

✓ Additional Massages in the same month at the member rate of $59.95

✓ Member rates on Teeth Whitening

✓ 20% Off Waxing & Tinting

✓ 1 Free “Glow” Spray tan

✓ Online Booking access (with your own personal account)

✓ Private Health Fund Rebates available (subject to your provider & the therapist)

✓ No Minimum Term (month to month agreement)

An “Espavita® Unique Sensory Relaxation Experience”  is a little hard to explain. So it makes more sense when you experience it yourself.
So, here’s a taste of what to expect when you walk through their doors for the first time at Espavita® and specifically, how they engage your 5 senses..
Sight – the calming ripple effect of our elegant water feature and soft contours of their round white pebble stones compliment the soft grey timber feature and charcoal stone wall. Hues of deep purple calm the eyes and your escape from the outside world begins..
Smell – the subtle scent of natural aromatherapy, gently engages your nose and calms to your mind, letting it know that a state of deep relaxation is starting to take hold.
Sound – the soothing sounds of their mindful music with the blissful trickle of live water provides the calming undertones to slowly wash away the stresses of life in the outside world.
Touch – the healing touch of their therapists sends you into a state of Deep Relaxation and the outside world drifts far from your consciousness, allowing your mind and body to simply reset and recharge. Elevating you to a higher level of being.
Taste – their custom made chocolate with 60% cocoa, infused with one of the core aromatherapy ingredients from your massage will delight your tastebuds, further enhancing your desired outcome to Relax, Purify, Balance or Revitalise long after you leave..
…that is how you have an Espavita® – Unique Sensory Relaxation Experience.
Espavita® is truly changing the way people Spa.

Espavita® is giving one lucky reader the opportunity to experience one month’s Lifestyle Membership as listed above (for Sydney readers only) valued at $99.95 but includes over $800 worth of treatment value.

To enter simply subscribe to Natural Beauty Expert & click here  to enter the draw to win!

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