How Mindful Movement Can Shift Your Posture Paradigm

Have you ever heard any of these in a fitness class? “Lengthen your spine.” “Straighten your legs.” “Point your toes.”

Can you embrace the natural curves of your body? What if healthy posture meant being curvy?

I was halfway through a power yoga teacher training when I decided to take a road trip with my teacher to Long Island, NY to learn about a new kind of yoga. At the time, I was learning how to be straight and steady in my yoga practice. This new kind of yoga, also known as the Bowspring, required me to visualize myself as “bowed.” Rather than a straight alignment, I learned how to “bow” my body like an animal would do. Just like a bow and arrow, when your body bows, it has more opportunity to spring forward, hence the name of the practice, the Bowspring.

In short, the Bowspring is a dynamic, open and curvy yoga practice. It’s mindful movement that integrates both your inner and outer bodies. There is a focus on moving toward physical, mental and emotional expansion, with little contraction. The poses are wider and curvier than most modern day postural yoga poses and pulsing in poses is a key component to expanding your mind-body system.

2014 was the first time I tried the Bowspring and the first time in 34 years that I physically felt love for myself!

I chased that feeling. I left an academic career teaching environmental policy at the biggest university in the US. I wanted to love myself more so I moved to study and teach at the Bowspring Global Training Center in Denver, Colorado.

When you find a practice that allows you to settle into the natural pulsation of life, so many things in your life will blossom. The Bowspring is curvy and pulses. Just like all of life. Life is a pulse and nothing in nature is a straight line. Even down to the cellular level, life is curvy.

Since I started practicing the Bowspring in 2014, I had a spiritual awakening, lost 25 pounds, found forgiveness around my divorce, I’m publishing a book and I speak around the world, sharing stages with people like Tony Robbins. Most importantly, the Bowspring practice helped me love myself so much that I was able to let go of my abusive childhood. I used to carry the pain of that abuse into relationships and everything else I did. Now, I do not identify as a victim of any sort. When you no longer identify as a victim and instead take accountability for your life, opportunities are endless!

Take control of your life by taking control of the way you move! You cannot feel like a victim when you take control of your body. The way you move impacts the way you see yourself. The Bowspring reminds you of your primal ways and is a path to creating a whole new way of being.

When you think of good posture, most people think of standing up straight. Straight posture is for a static, still existence. If you want to be a dynamic person capable of fluid movement, good posture means aligning yourself into a curvy shape.

How can you be more dynamic in your life? Be dynamic in your body!

Most people have challenges in their life because they are stuck somewhere. They are stuck in their emotions. They are stuck in their belief systems. They are stuck in their physical environment that is no longer serving their growth. They are stuck and cannot help themselves or anyone else in the world. This new form of yoga encourages you to move more, not only during yoga practice, but in every area of your life.

There is extreme power in realigning your perception of how your body should look! It’s not easy. It goes against everyone’s tendency to want to, “stand up straight.” It goes against your desire to look pretty with long, lean lines. It goes against what your doctor may tell you. It goes against what your yoga teacher may tell you. But, with consistent practice, you can settle into a more natural flow of life, feel connected to your soul and move forward in a big way!

I am privileged to bring the Bowspring to communities throughout the US and around the world. I’ll be teaching the Bowspring in Australia for the first time June-July 2017 at YogaTopia Drummoyne in Sydney.

By giving focus and fullness to your curvy body, you can create a sustainable radiance that manifests itself in everything from better posture to improved athleticism to heightened consciousness. The Bowspring is a mechanism to bring wholeness to the mind/body/spirit connection.

Yoga has evolved. Embrace your curves!

Lila Gonzalez
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