EFT Used to Help Breast Cancer

It may seem curious that something called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can be incredibly helpful in relieving not only the traumatic emotions that surface after a diagnosis with breast cancer, but also the physical pain involved. My experience is that it can also help free up restrictions of movement, post-operatively.

EFT is Meridian Tapping that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology and is a powerful and effective way to relieve emotional problems such as anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and guilt, as well as negative beliefs, behaviours and physical symptoms.

Our bodies are electrical systems comprising a complex network of meridians or channels, first mapped by the Chinese over 4,000 years ago. These electrical pathways move our life force or ‘qi’ through our bodies. Physical or emotional traumas, thoughts and memories can cause obstructions or imbalances in the flow, which create negative emotions or physical pain.

EFT corrects imbalances with physical tapping on meridian points, verbal affirmations and mindful concentration on the troubling issues and emotions. This stimulation restores balance to the energy system and removes the symptoms – the memory of the problem remains, but the emotional charge vanishes, pain is relieved and there is usually a positive change in thinking.

Research has shown that tapping on the end points of meridians on the body works to calm the amygdala, which plays a vital role in the “fight or flight” response that occurs when we are stressed, and is effective in reducing the level of the stress hormone cortisol. This means that using EFT when you feel stressed, will make you feel immediately calmer.

A diagnosis of breast cancer is often a great shock and the beginning of a very stressful journey so I’m going to list how you can use EFT to help navigate this difficult journey.   You can either do EFT with a practitioner but it is also easy to learn how to do it for yourself. You only need your own fingers to tap, so you always have the means of helping to heal yourself literally at your fingertips! It is empowering to have something that you can be doing for yourself that is simple and easy to do and gives immediate results.

  • The shock of the diagnosis can stay held in the body doing considerable harm, so it’s highly beneficial to use EFT to release the shock, which it does quickly and easily.
  • In the aftermath of the diagnosis all sorts of emotions can start to surface and the mind can go wild. EFT can be used to calm the emotions and settle down the mind.
  • Fear and anxiety are usually predominant and so it is really good to have an effective way of dealing with this. EFT can be a wonderful friend especially when faced with having a procedure or operation.
  • Decision making can be very difficult, with friends, family and doctors all offering differing opinions and overwhelm can set in. Because EFT works on the brain, using the tapping can really help you to achieve clarity and direction.
  • Pain is registered in the brain and whether it is pain from a procedure or pain after surgery EFT can be used both to the diminish the actual physical pain as well as the emotional response to it. You can also use it to release general tension that builds up in the body from the stress – tight shoulders, a crick in the neck, or aching back.
  • After surgery there can be mobility issues such as restricted movement in a shoulder. In addition to physical stretching EFT can increase the mobility to great effect.

EFT is a wonderful way of using your own body’s energy and healing power to produce immediate results. It is so effective it is used by millions of people around the globe and has many great benefits. It is safe, gentle, non-invasive, chemical-free and works together with any medications you might be taking.


By Margaret Munoz


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