Welcome Back!

Wow, ok so that was a little minute away. But I promised it was just a hiatus and we are now back with a much less formal format, more beauty and more experiences!

I am so pleased to share that the skin clinic (the reason I pressed pause) has really grown and come into it’s own. In the two years we’ve been operating we’ve moved three times (three!) and now have our permanent home on Davis Avenue in leafy South Yarra. I really do feel so lucky, this is my favourite area and the whole reason why I moved to Melbourne in the first place. Now I have my own business in the same area that drew me here in the first place. I feel part of the community (which is lovely), the location is easy to get to and stunning, I basically pinch myself everyday! You can read all about the clinic on our website, or click on the Natural Beauty Clinic button at the top of NBE 🙂



With the clinic now fully operational and thriving Natural Beauty Expert is the place where I will talk about all the natural and organic products in the market that are doing awesome things. I want to combine this with more professional skin advice to help you, the consumer navigate a very crowded and confusing market that often gives out conflicting messages. Articles will be more beauty focused with some of our favourite heath advice, as we know skin is also an inside job. On Instagram and Facebook I’ll be sharing interviews and experiences that make our skin sing! Think spa experiences, treatments and local hero’s we love (cafes, wellness centers and workouts).

My goal with Natural Beauty Expert is to really inject more life and experience to our every day routines. After all, smiling causes less wrinkles than frowning!

I’m SO happy you’re still with me here on this journey, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Belinda xo

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