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This month we are celebrating Women! Plus talking all health issues that effect us, including stress and hormones.

As a woman I know how much we push ourselves, saying yes to everything. I’m actually wondering, why the hell do we do this to ourselves?! Why do we put ourselves last constantly? It’s one of the most counter productive things we do. It throws our energy levels, hormones and eventually our health completely out of whack.

There is literally a health blog on every corner on the Internet now; we can’t get enough of this information. But how much do we take on and do we actually seek out professional help from a qualified practitioner? We need to start prioritizing ourselves more. I read recently that women that prioritize themselves feel ‘selfish’ but the result is actually the opposite. They end up being more productive for their families and careers when they’re not completely burnt out. No surprises there.

Our cover Dr Libby is an expert in this topic, after coining the term ‘rushing woman’s syndrome’ she has written several best sellers on how women can be less burnt out and happier. From her extensive experience in her clinic she has pinpointed the exact challenges that most women face and treating her patients accordingly. She has even created a supplement Bio Blends to help with sleep, stress and anxiety.

Read her full interview here:


Women’s health is just one dimension of the challenges that are faced daily. Over the weekend Tracey Spicer has been in the news again discussing her experience of being fired after having her second child because she wasn’t ‘young, thin, pretty enough’ anymore to be on a commercial news desk. This issues isn’t just limited to the media either. Women still face archaic views in the workforce around aging and having families, losing jobs after maternity leave and being let go when viewed as not being able to fill the role as well as male counter parts anymore. We still have a long way to go with equality issues and how we view ourselves. Tracey’s TED Talk speaks volumes:


As a Body Image Movement ambassador I still campaign for natural beauty (not just the ingredients in your products) Getting women to embrace themselves and their bodies as good enough. Not having to starve yourself on diets or slap on thick makeup to feel worthy. I’m pretty sure men don’t spend an hour getting ready to look ‘acceptable’ every morning with a full hair and makeup routine. Don’t we already have enough things to worry about like getting kids to school and that report into the CEO on time? Isn’t that enough?!

What are some of the most challenging things do you face as a woman? I’d love to hear your feedback and keep the discussion going!

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So grab a cup of herbal tea, settle in and have a read. Lets move through this year with purpose whether at relaxation or work.

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