Mindfulness This March

I felt it really important to talk about mindfulness this month. The past year or so has marked a time of change in our world that is an upheaval of sorts, leaving many people all over the world wondering where are we headed and what’s happening next.

So I wanted to dedicate an issue focussing on how we as individuals can practice mindfulness so we can still function effectively in our everyday lives without the distraction of world events. Now I am not saying we should ignore what’s happening around us. There still needs to be education and diligence on our part in these delicate political times. But, I don’t believe it should be causing us undue anxiety and stress. We need to continue our every day effectively. For those of you who have been struggling with anxiety we have many amazing writers contributing this month with professional advice and tools you can apply to ease any pressure that you have felt.

With the change into the cooler season of autumn, this is a great opportunity to slow down a little, spend those couple of extra nights home of an evening and reset. Now is the time to take care of ourselves and nourish our bodies with seasonal food in preparation for the cold winter months. Keep stretching and go to Yoga class, take baths and be ok with turning down invitations. Maybe even time to try out a mediation practice you’ve been thinking about?

Personally I spent the end of summer trying out a detox and gently cleaning my body. This was a great opportunity to re-set my health after a busy hot summer of celebrations and parties. I feel healthier and more energetic for it and feel really ready to plan all the events and activities for my business this year. My full experience will be live later in the month. So if you’ve been thinking about doing a similar cleanse or re-set yourself now is the perfect time before the cold weather creeps in!

I’ve also taken a bit of a digital and news detox. Feeling the fatigue of watching the new closely since the end of last year, I’ve made sure I now limit what I expose myself to. I watch the morning news and that’s it. Switch off, let go. This has given space for me to now create. Create projects I want to bring to the world that I feel will be beneficial to many people. Creating a real community people want to be part of. Events are being planned for this year so if you’re a natural health practitioner or holistic beauty therapist, make sure you’re in our group and the event dates will launch soon. The events will focus on helping you be better in your business, with some amazing business people from outside and also within the industry. Watch this space.

This month we have the hilarious JP Sears on the cover as our lead interview. JP isn’t just the funny man of spirituality but also a mindfulness coach. His interview brings insight and lightness to the tone of this issue. Being able to laugh and not be too serious is so essential to thriving through life. Read his full interview here.


Finally my last piece of super exciting news is I’m moving my skin clinic into dedicated premises! I’ll still be in South Yarra but in a gorgeous white, light filled room with floorboards and sash windows. The clinic moves April 2nd, so all March you can experience one of my customised organic facials for just $99. I’d love to see anyone who’s been thinking about coming in before I move!

Our gorgeous new space!


Are you a professional with something to say? We always have amazing practitioners joining our community, get in touch if you would love to join our community!

So grab a cup of herbal tea, settle in and have a read. Lets move through this year with purpose whether at relaxation or work.

Much love

Belinda xo

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