Editor’s Letter – Love Month

Welcome to Love Month at Natural Beauty Expert! It is also our first edition of 2017.

I choose to do love month every February for very literal reasons including Valentines Day. But I also like to add my little spin on it being a wellness publication. This month we are talking self-love, nurturing, wellness, and of course, love and relationships. From the events of this year so far I feel like the world needs a little bit of love right now and the best place to start is with ourselves. Self-nurturing and care are essential in these times of change from the distractions of what’s going on in the world. Personally I’ve found it very distracting and even a bit distressing, so now the time of offering wellness advice and some nurturing beauty light is even more essential.

Although I wasn’t always feeling this way this week. I was feeling fickle, like I wasn’t contributing anything of substance. The world is going through a major upheaval and I’m putting together beauty editorial. But a lovely soul on social media reminded me of the lipstick index, and that now these little luxuries and reminders of self care are essential and asked that I continue. Which I totally agree with, this rallied me into action that I can actually do. So, I’d love to ask you, my dear reader, what would you like to see from us here at NBE this year? Self care Sundays? Wellness Wednesdays? We can theme each month with the issue as well so we don’t get board with what we’re doing. I’d love to hear from you! You can reach my at [email protected], lets make mindfulness and self-care essential this year so we don’t drive ourselves crazy!

2017 is the year when all the preparation and hard work we’ve been doing in the last couple of years comes to fruit bringing prosperity to those that have prepared. It is also now the year of the Rooster, a reminder to take care of the roost and make sure all aspects of our lives have the focused attention they need. This year I will be bringing a more focused approach to the way I work, instead of the crazy scattergun of last year. My focuses this year are the clinic (which is moving to a new space soon!) and the magazine plus the practitioners and brands that are the core of this publication. I can’t wait to shine the light on the wellness industry further, featuring these wonderful pracs that contribute and the booming natural beauty brands. Holistic beauty is the biggest growth sector in wellness right now and everyone is loving it. When I started NBE people asked if I would have enough content, there is MORE than enough and sometimes there’s not enough space! I can’t wait to feature all the amazing brands this year and their new advanced technology.

Our lead interview and cover this Love Month is Emily Chadbourne, a local Melbourne dating coach with a funny refreshing approach to dating and all round awesome chick! Her advice stretches beyond just how to date to practical relationship and life advice, and her videos are hilarious!

We re-launched the clinic website Christmas Eve last year and have a fresh new look, and BONUS you can book in just a few clicks AND re-stock your organic skincare online. Don’t live in Melbourne? No worries, I’m now taking Skype consultations to diagnose your skin. I find more often then not people just aren’t using the correct basic skincare, a tweak from a professional beauty therapist does wonders! So, with that in mind, no matter where you are you can book a Skype session with me and receive your cleanser and moisturiser FREE! Kickstart your skin for just $129, email me to book [email protected]

Are you a professional with something to say? We always have amazing practitioners joining our community, get in touch if you would love to join our community!

So grab a cup of herbal tea, settle in and have a read. Lets move through this year with purpose whether at relaxation or work.

Much love

Belinda xo

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