Welcome to Wellness Month.

We focus on wellness in June to coincide with Global Wellness Day every June.

This year I want to focus on wellness in business. Business is tough, we spend countless hours and money creating something we are passionate about and sometimes it’s hard to step back and make changes. Even if those changes are much needed to move forward. Not holding onto ideas and adapting is essential to running a successful business in the long term. Listening to your audience and your own needs is so important to avoid burnout of worse, becoming irrelevant.

So listening to you my audience, and my body, Natural Beauty Expert is getting a fresh update. Honestly, this year I’ve found it draining rather than energising, all the content we pump out feels like it’s drowning me. So the way we work is getting a fresh over haul and we are going to have a greater focus on all the amazing brands out there that have truly exploded in the past 2 years. When I started this a couple of years ago someone asked me if I’d have enough content – LOL! I have trouble keeping up! Which makes me so proud of this industry, its growth and penetration of the market. Natural beauty is truly becoming the norm, not the alternative.

We are keeping the same look but adding a comprehensive guide to all natural products, makeup, hair care and beauty related supplements. Giving you a true guide for you to find what you need easier, we’re even categorising it for you. This new marketplace will be ready in the coming weeks and we will fill it out with every brand on the market over the coming months (there are so many brands you’ll need to be patient for us to list everyone). As an editor and a professional beauty therapist I find working with brands and giving amazing guidance on skincare is what energises me. So keeping in my flow of work I love I hope to re-invigorate NBE for you the reader as well.

There will still be the amazing health advice from our contributors as well as celebrity interviews. In fact, I want to interview more people to find out about their natural beauty and wellness routines to give inspiration to the reader.

For now the content this month will be lighter as we re-format and re-fresh the way we communicate. My next editor’s letter will be more like a re-launch; I can’t wait to show you what is created!

Be well.

Belinda xo

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