I’ve been following Edible Beauty since their launch into Sephora, which really impressed me as a new Australian Beauty brand.  

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Anna over Zoom and having a chat about skin and health. Her approach is similar to mine in the clinic, except hers has a much more in depth internal health slant (being a naturopath of course).  We chatted about everything going on with my health at the moment and she sent me a beautiful package with supplements and skincare. Thank you for chatting with me today.

What made you decide to start your own skincare brand, particularly focused on internal health?

Over 10 years ago now I transitioned from a career in finance to naturopathy. This was triggered by my diagnosis as a Type 1 diabetic at the age of 18. I became very passionate about the incredible ability of natural herbs, diet and supplements to manage my health condition. I also became increasingly conscious of endocrine disrupting toxins in the beauty products I was using.

The Edible Beauty range was created whilst I was working at a natural fertility clinic. I was recommending that in addition to changes to their food and lifestyle routines, my patients make changes to their personal care products. I was shocked to find that there were very few options available for skincare products that were “edible” and that were luxurious and therapeutic. As a result, I embarked on creating my own range of skincare products. I was literally whipping shea butter, coco butter and rose water in my mother’s cake mixer and started sharing my creations with friends and family. After much research, courses, cosmetic chemist meetings, Edible Beauty Australia skincare range was born.

There’s a focus on beautiful Australian botanicals throughout your range, was using local ingredients important to you and was it difficult to include so many?

Australian native extracts are definitely incredibly special and I love using them in both our skincare and wellness products. The extracts are now easier to find however in the early stages of the business there was not a lot of information out on there on them. They are now more widely available with university studies showcasing their incredible antioxidant profile. These plants are special in that they are found growing in their natural habitat in arid parts of Australia. This provides them with a very unique antioxidant profile developed to protect themselves against the harsh environment and potent sun that they are growing in. This protective system is transferred across to our skin providing us with incredible skin protective and anti-ageing action.

The supplements are delicious, especially the Beauty Dew. Can you explain how they’re formulated without artificial sweeteners but still taste so good and the benefits of the Beauty Dew?

The Beauty Dew is one of our customers’ favourite wellness supplements. It has been formulated with a highly bio-available form of silica along with Actrisave, which is an extract proven to address factors associated with hormonal hair loss.

The Acerola cherry and the organic glycerin base makes the elixir super delicious without contributing to excess sugar load.

Why is taking care of our internal health so important if we want glowing skin?

Taking care of our internal health is so important when it comes to glowing skin. Looking after our diet and lifestyle to ensure that our hormones are balanced, our blood sugar is kept under control, inflammation is kept in check and that we have a happy digestive system ensures that our skin looks radiant. Our digestive system is one of the core aspects of radiant skin.  More and more research is showing that our skin and gut microbiome are very intricately linked. For instance, an unhappy gut has been shown to be linked to skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and rosacea. This makes sense as a healthy gut ensures food is being broken down efficiently and that beauty vitamins and collagen boosting proteins are being absorbed. It also means that we are not prone to issues such as histamine intolerance, food intolerances or reflux which can contribute redness and skin sensitivity. It also ensures that we not putting extra load on our liver which can result in an overflow of toxins seeking a place to escape (this can often be our skin!). Keeping our hormones in balance by reducing inflammatory foods, eating plenty of fibre and keeping our blood sugars in balance ensures that our skin is not prone to breakouts. Lastly ensuring we are eating whole foods with a low Glycemic Index ensures that we don’t create excessive AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products), also known as glycotoxins, or highly oxidant compounds which can contribute to the ageing process. 

I’ve been using the skincare routine daily since it arrived. I love the texture of all the products, I find the oils to be especially good, easily absorbed without being too thick and greasy. Being a naturopath, what was the process for you for making the skincare?

That makes me so happy to hear! People can be quite afraid of using oils but I love alleviating this concern by explaining the use of carrier oils and the unique blends of oils that are highly considered in each of our products.

I take a very holistic approach to skincare formulation which tends to start with understanding the issue that we are trying to solve with the skincare formula. My steps are outlined below:

Step 1: Understanding your ailment

My approach differs to conventional skincare formulation. Instead of working on the combination of emulsifiers, emollients, preservatives and fragrances, I firstly consider the therapeutic actions I want the product to have. For example, antimicrobial, astringent or anti-inflammatory.

Step 2: Sourcing pure botanicals

I then consider the wildcrafted botanicals that give the action needed and where to source them. Using Australian natives means supporting local indigenous communities that wild harvest these plants. While, botanicals grown in arid, mountainous or challenging terrain inherently contain a greater antioxidant capacity than traditionally farmed plants.

Step 3: Blending art and natural medicine

This step requires understanding the traditional use of a botanical as well as the results of clinical studies about each ingredient. I also examine the nutritional profile of the ingredients because – just like your body – your skin needs a varied diet of omegas, vitamins and minerals.

Step 4: Scientific formulation

The scientific formulation ensures there are active doses of the key botanicals in your skincare and wellness products to achieve the desired results. For this step we work closely with a specialised Australian organic chemist.

Step 5: Considered finishing touches

Finally, I tweak scent and texture to achieve a beautiful, highly-effective skincare or ingestible option that’s safe for you – and the planet. We use miron violet glass packaging, which preserves and activates the products inside. And then, when you run out, our global recycling partner TerraCycle collect and recycle your Edible Beauty packaging.

Do you have a favourite ‘must use’ supplement and topical product and why?

I tend to suffer from redness on my cheeks and always struggled to find a cleansing milk which cleans the skin and prevents breakouts, but which also keeps the skin hydrated and soft. This is why our No.1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk is an absolute essential in my regime. I love the nourishing oils, Wattleseed and fruit extracts in this product – a perfect balance of pure hydrating oils and cleansing / brightening natural AHAs.

I take the Native Collagen Powder without fail and love that one serve of this antioxidant powder provides 4 times the RDI of Vitamin C. I am a also a huge fan of using natural plant-based supplements and foods to boost collagen production rather than relying on animal-derived collagen. This powder tastes great in smoothies but I just enjoy mine with a glass of water which makes it super easy to take every day!

The Edible Beauty wellness range represents an evolution of the herbal formulas I frequently provide to my clients to address health issues from the inside. The wellness supplements and teas have been designed to address beauty from the “inside-out” and they contain organic, traditional and therapeutic herbs which are easy to incorporate into one’s daily diet. I feel so strongly about educating and empowering people about internal health and wellbeing as it is such a strong contributor to the radiance of our skin and our overall vitality.

What do you wish people understood about their skin?

You have an extensive range. How do people choose the correct products for themselves when they land on your website? I recommend that people take our virtual quiz on the website or book in a consult with me. This is the best way to ensure that you are choosing the right “inside” and topical products to address your skin concerns.

Naturopathic Consultations – Edible Beauty Australia

What’s in store for Edible Beauty in the future?

We are actually moving to more organic formulations so watch this space!

Thanks so much!

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