The increasing demand for alternative health and beauty solutions paved the way for wellness tourism to flourish and evolve the way it has for the past decade.

We see trends come and go as consumer demands continue to change. It wasn’t long ago that travel was mainly for leisure and relaxation. Now, consumers are veering away from “fly-and-flop” vacations and moving towards holidays with an emphasis on being “well”. There now exists destinations offering retreats specifically designed for maintaining and improving ones health, from fitness boot camp holidays to medical spas. Travel has become more than the glamour of a 5-star accommodation or the sights and sounds one can marvel upon in an exotic getaway. As travelers become savvier, they are now using their precious time away from home and work to focus on self-improvement. Today’s shift in attitude towards wellness and constant innovations play a big part in the evolution of wellness travel. The people in the business are keen to introduce something new and add more value to the services they offer in order to satisfy the demand. Health and Fitness Travel, experts in wellness holidays worldwide, shares new trends revolutionizing wellness travel.

Outdoor Fitness

Fitness pros are calling us out of the gym and into the great outdoors. Making the most of their stunning natural surroundings, wellness holidays are offering a back to nature approach to fitness with activities like jungle gym circuit training, beach boot camp workouts and guided coastal swimming. For those looking to push their limits, a rise in fitness centered holidays offering triathlons allow outdoor fitness fanatics to cover a variety of terrains, with beach running, jungle biking, ocean kayaking and abseiling.


Bleisure Travel

Bleisure has become the latest buzzword in the realm of wellness tourism implying the combination of business with leisure. Workplace wellness programs are shunning the all-work-and-no-fun grind of business and introducing enjoyable elements into the mix. This allows for a better work-life balance as employees make the most of wellness retreats offering business facilities. It is not unknown that a majority of consumers travelling for business are looking to extend their trips for a time away and go on a much needed sabbatical – with Bleisure trips, it’s now a possibility.


Urban Retreats

Sometimes, all we need is a short break, perhaps a weekend to escape. In today’s fast-paced world, we do not have the luxury of time to fly off to an exotic island to reset and relax, however, with wellness tourism prospering in urban close destinations, busy individuals now have the option to do just that. Perfect for the vacation-deprived, urban retreats provide a short healthy break that allows consumers to access the perks city life offers, including local attractions, dining, shopping and even immediate medical care services.


Digital Detox

Most of us spend a majority of our day responding to emails and scrolling down our smart phones. It’s become a staple to our daily lives, a necessity even. While it’s difficult to go off the grid at work or at home, wellness holidays are now giving us the option to fully disconnect from the digital world. Wellness holidays give us the perfect setting and time to unplug and step back from the noise enabling us to tune into what really matters. Clear your mind with meditation, soothe your soul with holistic therapies and indulge your senses with stunning scenery.


Natural Beauty

Aesthetics has become intertwined with wellness tourism. A growing segment of travellers are heading off to luxury destination spas to experience natural beauty and anti-ageing therapies as an alternative to invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures. People are now looking for ways to look and feel good naturally, turning to yoga, fitness, meditation, nutrition and holistic spa treatments. Following this trend is a demand for destinations where they can do all these in a haven away from the stresses of everyday living.



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