But you must be mindful to get there.

One of the key reasons people get frazzled and stressed is a lack of two things:

Desire and Direction – they don’t choose what they want life to be like and then get upset when they don’t get what they like.

Belief – they don’t believe that their life is unique and can be created how they want it. Most people follow the crowd, and live a life of expectation rather than creativity. This approach leads to lack of fulfilment and self-esteem.

To create the life that you want and move in the direction of your desire, first you need a vision of how you want your life to be, this doesn’t have to be a ‘change the world’ vision, but it could be a change ‘your’ world vision.

Your mind must be able to see what you would like to create, as it always works in pictures. There are half-a-billion brain cells specifically for this function and in my book Happiness Millionaire: Positive Images for a R.I.C.H and Powerful Life, you can learn how powerful images are, in creating the life you want.

The image above of the rock climber is used to inspire people to imagine the changes they wish to make and have the courage to make the relevant decisions and commit to them. It strengthens the determination and courage muscles. Literally, people see themselves climbing this wall and they transfer the same determination required, into their jobs, relationships and health. Images really are powerful for keeping you alert to making the most of your life.

Look at how the rock climber is mindful of where he is, where he’s going and the decisions he’s immediately faced with. He can’t put anything off for tomorrow if he is to achieve his desire. Imagine how your life would be if you became so mindful of what was around you and where you were going.

Mindfulness is about being conscious and present in your life. No matter how your life is right now, by being mindful you can change it, improve it and enjoy it. The climber in this image is also enjoying his adventure and achieving and gaining strength as he climbs. It’s clear to the climber that he can only take one step at a time in the direction he wishes to take his life, so he isn’t frustrated by his progress, he accepts it.

This acceptance comes from the climber having faith and belief in himself; something many people struggle with. It’s impossible to have belief in yourself, your values and your abilities, if you are fulfilling someone else’s expectations. You will know you are doing this if you hear yourself say ‘yes’ to something and then inside you hear your inner voice say ‘why did I say yes to that?’ Your mind will then go into turmoil trying to get out of whatever you agreed to. Your stress levels will then increase because the real you is aware that you wanted to say ‘no’. This unpleasant feeling is your mind’s way of communicating through your body that you are out of alignment and off track. Only you can put this right…with new knowledge and taking different actions in your life.

The world seems hooked on antidepressant pills right now but no pill can get you back on track. The pills may get your stress under control but then you must become mindful of the direction you wish to take your life and cultivate the belief to do that.

Happiness Millionaire helps to create great Relationships, Income, Confidence and Health by using the Power of Positive Images.


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