Olive natural skincare officially launches in Australia, with its roots planted on a proud family-owned olive estate in the lush Bombay Hills of New Zealand.

The natural active and botanical ingredients harness centuries of Mediterranean history combined with modern science to help Australians and New Zealanders alike receive the best in beauty treatment and skincare remedies.

It is the first comprehensive natural skincare range from New Zealand available in Australia that recognises the potential of olive oil in curing common skin problems. The range features products for the face, hair and body, which are all gentle to the user and the environment.

The signature ingredients, extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf extract are both produced on the Simunovich Estate and are naturally loaded with powerful antioxidants and vitamins, delivering moisture and firmness while protecting against the harmful effects of external elements such as sun and water. It is high in anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, while aesthetically improving the elasticity of the skin.

Olive is capturing the highest quality olive oil and natural ingredients with its hero products:
Best-seller: Olive Hand Moisturising Cream
A combination of plant extracts with the Estate’s own extra virgin olive oil and spring water that work together to create a non-greasy formula perfect for all skin types. (RRP: $14.95)


Trending: Olive Leaf Rosehip Oil
This product maximises the benefits of Rosehip by combining it with olive leaf extract giving it deep hydrating abilities, powerful antiox idants and promotes cellular regeneration. (RRP: $22.95)


Must-have: 100% Natural All Purpose Balm
An effective barrier against blemishes, dry lips, hand, cuticles and all round skincare, perfect to keep in your bag for those on the go. (RRP: $22.95)


For everyday: Olive Nourishing Day Cream
This day cream is lightweight and antioxidant rich lasting all day long. With a combination of natural plant oils with extra virgin olive oil, it leaves dry, tired skin feeling smooth and conditioned. (RRP: $29.95)


For everyone: Olive Reviving Eye Gel
With cucumber and chamomile extracts, this eye gel is perfect for the delicate skin around your eyes. The olive leaf extract ingredient improves elasticity to keep eyes looking vibrant. (RRP: $28.95)



We spoke to Medical Herbalist Kate Robertson about the benefits of Olive Skincare.

Kate Robertson, said: “Olives have been used to promote health and beauty in the Mediterranean for centuries. Scientific research now shows that extra virgin olive oil is recognised for its nutritional benefits, and its natural ability to deeply moisturise, soften and replenish the skin. Olive leaf extract contains potent antioxidants which can protect and assist in the natural regeneration of skin cells.”

What are the benefits of the cruelty-free, toxic-free nature of Olive skincare?

I’m a big fan of the natural and organics industry as it’s good for people and the planet!

Organic and natural products can be compared to good cooking. A great meal usually does not  include artificial flavours or fake, over processed ingredients. Instead, it’s made of pure, fresh and simple ingredients. Beauty products work the same way and better ingredients can mean better results.  It’s medically understood that skin can absorb substances into your bloodstream (e.g. nicotine patches and hormones) which are then carried by the blood stream through the  body so it makes sense to consider the effects of the skin products that we apply to our skin….just as we might do for the food we eat.

It’s also often easy to forget the environmental impact of skincare ingredients.  For example what goes down the drain and what is it doing to the water supply and ecosystems? Organic products are produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO etc and without using any processes such as irradiation, ethoxylation etc. This means organic facial products are often more environmentally friendly than their non-organic counterparts.

The toxic-free, cruelty-free nature of Olive skincare in particular is most nutritionally beneficial. Olive’s have been used to promote health and beauty in the Mediterranean for centuries. Scientific research now shows that olive oil and olive leaf extract are rich in nutrients, vitamins and health promoting substances. Extra virgin olive oil is recognised for its nutritionally benefits, and its natural ability to deeply moisturise, soften and replenish the skin. Olive leaf extract contains potent antioxidants which can protect and assist n the natural regeneration of skin cells.

Why it is that important?

Natural skincare has always upheld most importance to me. Since childhood I’ve always been interested in plants and nature.  I grew up in a horticultural community with parents who are avid gardeners.  I started making my own skincare at 18 then studied as a beauty therapist and realised my passion was with the products.  I also studied (and am fully qualified) as a medical herbalist, naturopath, aromatherapist and nutritionist and have lectured at NZ leading Natural therapy colleges.  When I was in my 20’s (nearly 30 years ago) I got a job in the laboratory of a leading manufacturer of natural skincare and have not looked back since so have worked as a product developer an consultant for naturals and organics since then ….way before it became so trendy….. so I’ve seen big changes and advancements in the industry which is great.

The trend towards using natural products is growing fast. The demand for natural and organics has driven the development and production of a huge range of new ingredients so unlike the past natural and organic cosmetics these days can be sophisticated and achieve results. Research is now shows us that natural really does work. I think consumers are aware of this and the research shows more and more people are choosing natural options.

Kate Robertson

Medical Herbalist & Technical Advisor, Olive Skincare

With more than two decades’ experience in skincare, Kate is Olive’s Medical Herbalist and Technical Advisor. This means she does everything from choosing the best natural ingredients and product development to testing products for the highest quality.

Kate grew up on a Kerikeri orchard in New Zealand and dreamed of a future in natural health and beauty. At the age of 18, she started making her own beauty products. In her early 20s, Kate began working for natural skincare companies to focus on her passion for natural health and beauty.

Kate has a range of qualifications including: Diploma of Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Aroma and Beautician among others.

One of Kate’s biggest strengths is her deep understanding of the true science behind skincare and her knowledge of natural ingredients and their benefits.

Kate started with Olive more than three years ago and continues to develop new and exciting products for release soon. Her favourite Olive product is the 100% All Purpose Balm as it is simple yet highly effective for everyday use.

Shop the whole range http://www.simuolive.com.au

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